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Dissecting your LinkedIn Groups page

LinkedIn Groups pageWhile I’d be the first to admit that this might not be the most exciting page on LinkedIn, nevertheless the Groups page – the one that lists all of the groups that you are a member of – does in fact contain a lot of good information and provides a great summary or overview of the latest activity going on in the Groups you have joined. And after all, the Groups are places which are likely to be a key element of your LinkedIn activity.

It’s true that you can never really hope to keep on top of all the discussions that go on in the groups but this summary or ‘homepage’ for the Groups will give us a great overview of where the latest activity is happening and so where we should perhaps be focusing our attention. After all, we might be able to join up to 50 groups but, with the best will in the world, you’re only going to be able to participate in 4 to 5 of them at best.

Why might this me of use

It may be particularly helpful if (more…)

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Get Tagging on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Tagging OptionsTagging is something that I wish I’d done right from the start on LinkedIn but, to be totally honest, I simply didn’t know that I could. It was only much later that I realised just how useful it could be and so decided to go back through all of the people I’d connected with and add relevant tags, which certainly took a while!
So, I thought that I’d help you avoid my own mistake and save you some time in the process!

Just to be clear, tags on LinkedIn are simply keywords you can “attach” to your 1st level connections (ie. the people you are directly connected with) which essentially allow you to put them into categories, a bit like creating different folders to keep their records in. LinkedIn actually starts the process for you – when you invite people to connect as ‘colleague’, ‘friend’ or as ‘groups’ then, when they accept, they automatically get tagged as such.

However, the real benefit is that you can (more…)

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Connect blogs to your LinkedIn profile

Blogs and LinkedIn StrategyI don’t know about you, but I like to get as much benefit as possible from the work that I put into something.

My blogs are a great example of that. I’ve been running a blog for over 5 years now and also have set blogs up for, I guess, over 100 companies and individuals. Done right, they’re a fabulous business tool – a combination of push marketing, with relationship building and search engine marketing all in one nice little bundle. A key component in the social media as well as the internet marketing mix.

One place where all the information from your blog is going to be particularly valuable is over on your LinkedIn profile. It’s the perfect place to display things you’ve (more…)

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10 ways LinkedIn can help develop local business

No matter what size of organisation we work for, a local market is going to be important to us. Our individual versions of “local” will vary of course – it may be a town, a county or even a whole country, but it is our home market and one that needs to be considered. For many smaller organisations, it can often be their only market or, at the very least, the mainstay of their business and hence a key area to nurture and develop.

With LinkedIn, perhaps more so than any of the other major social networks whose scope are after all global in nature, we have the chance to tap directly into our local marketplace, so it’s important to make sure we know how to use the tools at our disposal to do just that. Making ourselves visible and easy to refer is one half of the equation, the other is to use the facilities on LinkedIn to proactively identify, approach and market to this key group of people.

Here are 10 ways in which we can use LinkedIn to do just that:

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LinkedIn Tip: Get your Current Roles in Order

LinkedIn current roles - how to reorder themMost of us wear more than one hat in business and on LinkedIn, we reflect this by having a number of “Current” roles on our profile. This might also include membership of business organisations, networking groups, non exec positions etc. or we may simply be using it as part of our LinkedIn Profile optimisation and hence splitting out the roles we have to help push us towards the top of the search results in LinkedIn.

Whatever our reasons, we almost certainly have one which we particularly want to be known for and which should appear at the top and then a preferred order for the others to appear. Previously on LinkedIn, we could only change that order by ‘playing’ with the start dates, as the roles were ordered purely on the basis of the start date for each role.

That is no longer the case.

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Getting your network on LinkedIn

LinkedIn - Connecting People on LinkedInWe all have networks of contacts. Thankfully, we don’t usually refer to them as “our network” – we talk about business colleagues, friends, clients, family, people we met at networking events, prospects etc. Nevertheless, they are all part of our personal and/or business network.

Therefore, for me, an important first step in developing our online network on LinkedIn is to link up with these people, the ideal people that you want to connect with – the people who are in your network already! While it does many things, one key element is that it immediately makes their network more visible to us – not to then dive in and ‘pillage’ but to identify where personal introductions might be possible through people we know well. There’s no stronger approach to a company than through a personal introduction and this opens up that opportunity.

So how to bring our networks online

In most cases, we keep in touch with them by phone or, more often than not, by email. And there’s lies an opportunity and one that LinkedIn offers us some tools to help (more…)

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