5 Key elements to creating LinkedIn business post

Is there a secret formula to posting on LinkedIn, a format that is guaranteed to give success under all circumstances? Well, I think I’ve found the answer!

No. Sorry about that.

The fact is that with the variety of audiences, topics, formats, marketing options, networks & individual preferences we all have, there can never be one format that fits all. We all have different tastes and we certainly have different reasons for being on LinkedIn which makes a one size fits all approach to be almost impossible.

Indepth posts, business topics, personal successes / challenges, motivational posts, even jokes – which have certainly been successful for some people (though not to my taste) – all have their place.

However, for those looking for a general business format, here is a great framework to try when you post which should allow you to get a number of the key trigger elements in place:

1. Strong Opening
The first 2 – 3 lines are what people see so, like a newspaper headline, you need to use that to get their attention

2. Hook
You need them to click on ‘read more’ to see the rest of your post, so give them a reason to do so

3. Content
Important that you make sure what they see is of value or inspires a reaction depending on your post’s purpose

4. Call to Action
What you want them to do next – leave a comment, like, get in touch – doesn’t have to be blatant but do encourage an action

5. Visual
An image or video helps it stand out – may give visibility or add value to the post (or both!)

So many other formats to consider but is this a format you’ve tried? What works best for you?

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