Boxing clever on LinkedIn with

There are lots of great applications on LinkedIn that we can use to spice up our Personal profile – either to share content we have created elsewhere, to get key information in front of people in various relevant places, or simply to use in a way which helps to develop the goals that we have for our use of LinkedIn.

For me, one of the key ones that I always outline in the LinkedIn courses I run is This ranks alongside content from the blog applications and as a primary route to get your content in front of people in a format which is different to the ‘plain’ text which permeates the rest of your profile … no matter how interesting you have managed to make it! 🙂

The fact that you can offer downloadable files directly from your profile is an opportunity you really do need to take note of. For me this is a an essential tool that can be used in so many different ways:

  • It’s a way to encourage people to visit your profile by giving something extra away: free guides to download will always encourage visits
  • Build up a resource that you can refer people to – show them you are the expert by delivering articles (from others as well as yourself) that support that assumption
  • Allow people to download your latest newsletter or case study or company profile document: treat it as a true additional push marketing method
  • If you are in the recruitment industry then don’t forget the possibility of adding Job openings
  • For sales teams: a repository of white papers, proprietary or branded how-to guides and more to back up your sales activities
  • Case Studies: an additional and very valid way to demonstrate your products / solutions particularly within key vertical markets
  • Social Proof: list the recommendations you / your company have received for your products and services

Setting up a basic account is free (for a 5Gb account) and don’t forget that, from a company perspective, you can set up a single account and then link a number of LinkedIn accounts into it, giving you a single updatable source to provide up to date content for all your team. Setting up the link is easy via “Get more Applications” under your “More” menu button.

Overall, it’s a great way to cut through all of the potential distractions of sending people to your site by engaging with them on your profile fully first. Let people download files quickly and easily and, into the bargain, get them to have an additional look at your profile. What could be better!?

Takeaway Point

You have a real opportunity here to get your content in front of other members of LinkedIn who are business focussed like yourself … I suggest that you use it!

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