Here are some of the recommendations kindly left by participants on the LinkedIn courses (some in-house and other public) that I have run around the UK, either as LinkedIn for Business Success, LinkedIn for Sales Professionals, Unlocking Company Marketing on LinkedIn or LinkedIn for Recruiters. Many thanks to all.

An invaluable course to attend. Mark’s knowledge of LinkedIn is second to none. For those of you intending to use LinkedIn on a regular basis then this course is a must!
Oliver Baker, GB Promotional Products
“This LinkedIn for business course was really well presented, very informative and very commercial – here’s what works is what interests me. Easy to follow and implement.”
Alan Brighton, ActionCoach
I attended one of Mark’s sessions in Northampton and found the session exceeded my expectations! He was able to tailor the session to tackle the groups areas of interests and sparked interesting discussions about how we could all implement what he was telling us about back in our own workplaces. He’s also offered to stay in touch and help me with any issues I might have after the session… Thanks Mark!
Lizzy Martin, Nottingham Business School
I attended the LinkedIn for business course and found it both informative and enjoyable. Mark is a pleasant and knowledgeable trainer and presented the information so that it was to the point and easy to put into practice. I highly recommend this course for anyone looking to make the most of their LinkedIn presence.
I can highly recommend Marks LinkedIn business course. In just a few hours he demonstrated how to utilise LinkedIn as a key sales and marketing tool. Excellent and great value for money.
Sally Barr, Trust Health Ltd
Thanks Mark for the excellent course. Now – there is so much I need to change on my LinkedIn profiles (personal and business), but at least I know what to change and why!
Martin Petts, Social Stamp
Thank you for the course I attended recently. It showed me in just one day what would have taken months to work my way through.
Jane Barter, NXD Ltd
Mark made sense of everything we covered in the course and contextualised it for all the different people there – no mean feat considering the range of backgrounds and familiarities with LinkedIn. Thanks Mark.
Lawrie Baker, Active Surrey

I recently attended this LinkedIn workshop run by Mark to pick up useful techniques in helping develop our Client facing teams to use LinkedIn effectively in their day to day roles. I found the whole session very interactive with plenty of opportunity to ask questions and run at a good pace with great content.
Adam Roberts, Brown Shipley

I attended Mark’s LinkedIn workshop in Manchester last week and was staggered by the breadth of content covered. Mark went through the basics and lots of more technical information that I would never have utilized had I not attended this course. Since attending I have completely rewritten my profile, joined some groups and am being far more proactive in my choice of who to connect to, I have also begun to set up a company profile (something I hadn’t thought about before!).
Victoria Braddock, Media Investment Management

Thanks for the training last week Mark – lots of useful tips and hints to help improve how we can use LinkedIn for our organisation! Very clear presenting style, covering everything you’d need to know about LinkedIn with additional support after the course.
Karen Hall, MidKent College

Myself and my colleague Caroline Atkinson attended one of the sessions hosted by Mark in Reading. The event was well put together, was tailored very much to the audience and highlighted a number of areas that we need to work on in the coming months! Wouldn’t hesitate recommending Mark to anyone who wants to learn how to get the most out of LinkedIn.
Kim Board-Allam, In Cloud Solutions

It was evident Mark was an expert. The content was extensive and Mark was able to adapt the content to each attendees background for maximum effect. From profile optimisation to gaining business leads, the course covered everything I needed to really tackle LinkedIn head on. Mark has also gone on to provide feedback long after I attended the course.
Andrew Murphy, Bond Dickinson

The LinkedIn for Business course was a quick and easy way to learn some really great aspects of LinkedIn that I can use at work. Mark is a good presenter and freely shared his extensive knowledge of LinkedIn and made the course enjoyable too. I would gladly recommend this course to anyone whose target audience uses LinkedIn.
Michele Cotton, Marketing Consultant

I feel the course was a good use of time. I’ve had a LinkedIn account since the early days, but never fully engaged with the site. Thanks to Mark I now feel a lot more confident in how to engage with the site and the potential ramifications of actions and updates which I never really understood before.
Andrew Payne, Spargonet

Having recently taken the LinkedIn For Business session, I found it incredibly useful – not only did it cover the basics and how to, Mark makes it easier to adapt the trickier aspects of LinkedIn that can really help make a difference.
Louise Barfield, Circus

Thanks Mark for the very informative course. The whole programme was well organised and interactive. Great place to be for getting new ideas for my personal and business LinkedIn accounts.
Ksenia Semina, Analytik

I found this course really useful. There was plenty of opportunity to ask questions and Mark was very approachable in his style. Definitely worth the time and course fee!
Christine Graham, Christine Graham Consultancy

I thought that my profile looked good, I was wrong! I only knew this after the thorough and in-depth lesson I/we were taught at Marks LinkedIn Training School of Excellence. If you want to promote yourself and your business more efficiently, then this is the course for you. Extremely highly recommended!!!! Excellent.
Adrian Baxter, Talk Internet

This course most definitely does what it says on the tin! Mark has an excellent style and has very detailed knowledge of Linked in. He adapted perfectly to the individual needs of our group. I have already recommended to 4 additional colleagues. Don’t miss out!
Helen Green, Quest Leadership

Mark’s LinkedIn workshop last week in Bristol was very well presented, being logical and sequential, providing useful insight and allowing all attending to derive their own context. If you are looking to move from passive subscriber to active user of LinkedIn in a way that will get you noticed, a session with Mark is without doubt, a good investment.
Andrew Stroud, Design Activity

Thanks for your time this week Mark. In the past I have browsed through LinkedIn but not used it fully. Now after this week’s training I am happy to use the application, joined new groups and found some new contacts.
Helen Davies, Orega Management

I attended Mark’s workshop in Manchester last week and found it very useful. I would definitely recommend this for other people in business. I am looking forward to getting more business from the groups I have joined. Many thanks, Leah
Leah Goodliffe, Compass Venue Search

LinkedIn is easy to navigate with no background knowledge but you won’t get the best out of it without fully understanding what it offers – so if you need to use LinkedIn for business purposes you should definitely attend Mark’s course first! The course material is well presented (with a useful how to section that you can take away) and Mark is an easy going and knowledgeable trainer. I learnt a lot from this short course and would highly recommend it.
Alison Barnes, Datong Plc

I recently attended the LinkedIn workshop feeling disappointed that previous attempts to build my network of business opportunities were not working so I was keen to see how the training could help. Mark showed us a different way to approach prospects and I have increased my number of contacts by 10 in the last week-I am delighted!
Louise Stevenson, Graham & Brown

I wanted to thank you for the training yesterday as I have learnt so much from it. The content was informative, the delivery was fun and, I must admit, that I had no idea of how much I didn’t know about LinkedIn. I’ll look forward to the next course 🙂
Kevin Hayler, Annecto UK Ltd

I found the LinkedIn for Business Course very useful and well organised.I thought I was using LinkedIn quite profitably before, but applying the new tips and using the new tools I learnt during the course gave both my personal profile and my company page quite a boost in just two weeks. Mark left a lot of space for questions and tailored the presentation to the participants’ goals and requests. Very good value for money and a pleasant, highly informative course.
Francesca Black, i-PAYE Ltd

Very useful course… Mark was very helpful and informative.. look forward to putting all I have learnt in to practice.
Rachel Flowith, Form IT Solutions

The session was packed full with useful information and practical advice. It brought alive for me the potential of LinkedIn, which I had possibly underestimated. 24 hours on and I’ve already made some fundamental changes to my profile and have new ideas on how to integrate my marketing strategy using LinkedIn as a more pivotal component. Thank you, Mark.
Siobhan Soraghan, Active Insight Consulting Ltd

I really enjoyed Mark’s LinkedIn training and found it of great value to myself and our company. The training session was extremely thorough and Mark answered all of my many questions. Finally some sense to it all. I would definitely recommend the course. Thank you Mark.
Kara Jenkinson

I attended the LinkedIn for business workshop earlier this month and found the course informative and, above all, excellent value for money.Mark has an easy going style, with a fair degree of humour, that made the morning pass enjoyably.For people seeking to exploit the potential of LinkedIn for the marketing of their business, I highly recommend the experience
Peter Raza

The session covered a great deal of LinkedIn’s capability and Mark provided a great insight and many practical tips of how to use it, both for personal and business use. I found it particularly useful, with its interactive nature, and especially Mark’s excellent style and engagement. Thank you.
Amy Graham

I found the LinkedIn for Business Success training very useful and Mark managed to make it applicable and accessible to everyone who attended. I would definitely recommend for anyone who is looking to take full advantage of what LinkedIn has to offer.
Laura Card

If you are about to start using LinkedIn for your business – go to Mark’s seminar at first. He will not only provide you with valuable information, but will give important tips how to avoid common mistakes and not to annoy or even lose your potential customers.Thanks Mark!
Jurga SakalauskaitÄ—

This course gives a very useful overview along with valuable insights and lots of practical tips that you can use.
Michael Walter

Mark’s course was both fascinating and useful. He has a way of putting the room at ease and allowing one to feel comfortable asking any question without the worry of seeming ignorant among colleagues or strangers and his answers are informative and entertaining – as is the whole course. I wouldnt hesitate to recommend attending one of his workshops to both complete beginners and those who feel they are advanced users. Everyone will come away with some useful knowledge.
Simon Trimarco

We found Mark’s training to be of real benefit. Good location, and a very worthwhile afternoon. Mark kept the content relevant and topical. Would highly recommend.
Darin Burrows

Mark White delivered an interesting and highly relevant session for us; we are big users of Linked in and I think we all came away thinking “wish Id done that years ago”! I came away with some fantastic tips that we have used across our organisation which I have no doubt has added value. I have no hesitation in recommending this course to any of my contacts, from beginner to the competent user, and would be keen to be kept informed of other relevant courses to attend in the future!
Bridget Elliott

Mark’s course provides is succinct and provides very useful insights for making the most of LinkedIn in the recruitment field. Time well spent and very good value.
Geoffrey Sadler

Mark’s LinkedIn for Recruiters course was very high quality while great value for money. He is able to use his extensive knowledge to provide useful information and tips to recruiters. I found Mark’s training style very engaging and fun while informative. The after course follow up has been second to none; very personalised and thorough. His support has been key to improving our company page. I thoroughly enjoyed this course and would highly recommend it.
Georgina Nicoli

I really enjoyed my time with Mark who gave me a very comprehensive and informative overview around LinkedIn. The content and overall delivery was excellent. Without doubt, I would highly recommend Mark to anyone wishing to improve their LinkedIn profile and networking capability.
Mark Luxford, Alexander Lloyd

I recently attended Mark’s course on LinkedIn Training and would very much recommend it. I had a basic knowledge of LinkedIn, but following his advice has now given me confidence that I am presenting myself and my business in the best possible way. Apart from excellent content and delivery, Mark is very personable and succeeded in involving everyone present, whatever their level of LinkedIn knowledge.
Rebecca Penn-Critten, The Vernon Sisters

I attended this course recently and I have to say the content was excellent and very targeted towards the industry. I would recommend anyone wanting to use LinkedIn to drive their business forward to take the time to attend this course if possible.
Tanya Palmer, Energise Marketing

I recently attended this course. very informative, put into language that I understand. Mark is a fantastic trainer and I would definitely recommend him highly.
Dawn Le May, Edward Selden Consultants

Mark’s training on LinkedIn for Recruiters was excellent. The content and structure were well balanced, the delivery was engaging, and Mark was keen to share his vast expertise while inviting questions and addressing them. Overall, a very practical course, with insightful and practical tips on how recruiters can use LinkedIn effectively. The post training follow-up was truly excellent and personalised. It was great value for money and I thoroughly recommend it.
Ricardo Tomaz, Progressio UK