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B is for Banner: A to Z of LinkedIn

We’ve all heard the phrase that “A picture is worth 1000 words” and we have a piece of prime real estate at the top of our Personal Profile that is the ideal place to make the most of exactly that.

You may recognise the blue ‘network’ looking image that I’ve added below as the default background or banner that introduces so many profiles …. what a waste!

With a little bit of work (or a visit to somewhere like, we have the opportunity to create something that gives a very powerful visual message to introduce the rest of your profile.

In fact the banner makes up about 40% of what LinkedIn calls the “Introduction Card”, that top part of your profile also containing your photo, headline and Contact Info – good description really because that’s what it does. It introduces (more…)

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A is for Audience: A to Z of LinkedIn

Ato Z of LInkedIn - AudienceThere are so many possible approaches to using LinkedIn that people often try to be everything to everyone. This is doomed to failure.

The first key decision you should make on LinkedIn is who you want to talk to – who is YOUR audience? And what do you want to achieve from your engagement with them.

From that, you decide:

📌 what to include in your profile to attract their attention (information, language, visuals)
📌 who to seek out in your searches (prospects, employers, introducers)
📌 what content should you publish & to what end (personal, business focus, skills based)
📌 whose posts should search out & engage on (clients, peers, prospects)

If you don’t, you’re essentially (more…)

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