A is for Audience: A to Z of LinkedIn

Ato Z of LInkedIn - AudienceThere are so many possible approaches to using LinkedIn that people often try to be everything to everyone. This is doomed to failure.

The first key decision you should make on LinkedIn is who you want to talk to – who is YOUR audience? And what do you want to achieve from your engagement with them.

From that, you decide:

📌 what to include in your profile to attract their attention (information, language, visuals)
📌 who to seek out in your searches (prospects, employers, introducers)
📌 what content should you publish & to what end (personal, business focus, skills based)
📌 whose posts should search out & engage on (clients, peers, prospects)

If you don’t, you’re essentially meeting with someone new … but you don’t know what for.

You sit across a table from them. The conversation could go in any number of directions: a job interview, meeting a prospect, a date with romantic overtones, a lawyer with news … anything in fact.

You have no context.

If you knew who you were meeting you could prepare, dress in a certain way, plan the conversation & envisage the aftermath.

On LinkedIn, it’s the same & as this audience changes so will the other elements influenced by it. Deciding this defines how you use LinkedIn.

Mark White, LinkedIn trainer

Mark White, LinkedIn trainer

My passion is helping companies and individuals to use and APPLY LinkedIn more effectively - that is to use it to develop new business, find a new role, to market yourself, your company and products ... whatever your reason for using LinkedIn is! I run internal workshops for companies looking to bring their key people or teams up to speed and run public courses around the UK.
Mark White, LinkedIn trainer
Mark White, LinkedIn trainer
Mark White, LinkedIn trainer

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Mark White, LinkedIn trainer
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