What’s your etiquette on LinkedIn

Hi, I’m Mark, I’m on LinkedIn and I’m worried.

Using LinkedIn comes with a set of challenges & concerns. More so than ever at the moment when things have changed so much over the past 18 months.

For many, one is still “What’s the etiquette here?” or “How should I act?” or “What should I post about?”.

There’s been lots written on this but most vastly overcomplicates things.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand people’s misgivings – I have them too, particularly about the trend to more personal posting.

But I feel most of us have an innate understanding of how to do things, because it should be no different to what we do when talking to people every day – via video or phone, or face to face again, which is thankfully returning.

We meet people, we introduce ourselves & ask about them … essentially we ACT NORMALLY & we talk to them!

Maybe we panic on LinkedIn because the context is different – we are online & typing, not talking to someone. So we forget how to act & react normally!

I still fall back on two basic principles:

👉 1. Use the same approach as face to face

✅ Ask about others
✅ Listen to their response
✅ Talk about yourself when appropriate
✅ Share info
✅ Add value & engage

👉 2. Remember to “do as you would be done by”

✅ Treat others with respect
✅ Less posturing & pitching
✅ More conversing & getting to know
✅ More helping

How does that sound?

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