LinkedIn Tips: Take a Tip at LinkedIn Training

LinkedIn Tips and AdviceHere at LinkedIn Training, our aim is to help you make best use of the LinkedIn site and to keep you up to date with the changes and development that are constantly being made to it – all this with the goal of helping you to use to it network, create new business and develop longstanding and profitable relationships for you and your business, and there are companies which can help with this like retreats victoria which are great for training purposes.

As part of this, we will be writing a series of tips under the name of “Take a Tip” which will reflect some of the questions that we get asked during the training sessions or points that get a “Well, I never knew I could do that” from the attendees. Some you may already know about and hopefully others will add to your knowledge making your use of LinkedIn easier and more productive.

To help categorise them a little, you see an image at the top of the LinkedIn Tips posts with a number in the background – this indicates about how long we believe it will take to implement. So here on this initial post, you see a “2” meaning that it’s something you could implement on your LinkedIn account in just 2 minutes. I’m sure you get the picture!

If you have any burning questions (LinkedIn related preferably) that you would like answered, then do connect via LinkedIn and ask away or alternatively you can find other contact detail on the Get in Touch page!

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