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LinkedIn reaches the 100m member level

LinkedIn InfographicI wrote a blog post in June last year when LinkedIn announced that they had just hit 4m users in the UK and, at the time, I felt that was an impressive figure, but one which showed there was still some good growth to come.

Well, times have moved on and LinkedIn has certainly been developing apace, not inly in terms of the number of people who have joined but also in terms of the functionality that the site offers and the opportunities that it delivers to the businesses and individuals using it.

As the infographic below shows (courtesy of Vincenzo Cosenza), the growth in the UK since then has been enormous and figures indicate that there are just shy of 6m UK members now. To put that in perspective, essentially 2m new members (which equates to a 50% increase in numbers) have joined in the course of the last 9 months.

That is hugely important both in terms of real figures and also in terms of perception. It’s no wonder I’m getting more and more people tell me during my LinkedIn Workshops that (more…)

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LinkedIn Search Updates – this is really powerful!

LinkedIn Signal - site update[Update: as of 29th July 2013, LinkedIn has removed the LinkedIn Signal functionality from the site. A real pity because of its immense utility – if there are any ways to find the information it used to provide then I will report back here.

Update 2: You can now once again see Updates but only from individuals rather than be able to search teh site in its entirety. There is a post about this on this site here.]

LinkedIn have added another feature today, LinkedIn Search Updates, that will help you to reach out a just that little bit further into the 90m people that are currently members of the site by giving you the ability to search what they are writing about and sharing with others on LinkedIn. And it can be incredibly powerful!

If you were aware of LinkedIn Signal announced last year, then this is it … or at least the first incarnation. It comes in the form of a rather innocent looking Search box that sits on your homepage just above the Updates that appear there – however, this is actually quite a revolution (and revelation) because of the access it now gives you to what’s being said across the whole of the LinkedIn network, rather than (more…)

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New LinkedIn figures announced for the UK

Linkedin Stats - 5m UK usersSo much for the growth of LinkedIn slowing! While figures released last week show that the network has reached some 85 million members worldwide, today LinkedIn has announced that, in the UK alone, there are now 5m users.

That is impressive, particularly when you consider that the 4 million mark was only passed in June of this year, meaning that it has added the last million in under 6 months. In addition, there are now over 20 million users across the whole of Europe, making it an important networking place for businesses looking to connect locally, nationally and internationally!

It’s certainly true that some of the growth will have come about from (more…)

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LinkedIn’s new Share Button

LinkedIn Share Button - site updateWell, we’ve been able to share things at a click with friends on Twitter with tools like Tweetmeme, Facebook has its “Like” function where we can pass on webpages we find interesting, so it’s only natural that LinkedIn should also offer a way for use to allow readers to share pages quickly with our LinkedIn connections too with a counter thrown in.

And that’s what they have announced today – the LinkedIn Share button that you can insert on your website to allow people to share your content on LinkedIn. Simples! 😉 Of course, in the same way it can also be useful to you as the content producer if you want a quick way to share your own articles of LinkedIn so lots of potential value

Where do I find The Share Button?

Well, there is now a new area on LinkedIn relating to people creating information which you will find at (more…)

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Open Groups on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Open Groups###Update 2: as of this morning (December 21) it seems that the process of moving to an Open Group is being made available to the group owner as you will be given the option to change across to an Open Group automatically. There should be a yellow band now with a clickable area and it will explain some of the implications and a bit of housekeeping you should do ahead of it. Also in the “Group settings” area of the “Manage” menu in the group you should find a button at the top which guides you through the process! Decide carefully though – no undoing the process once you’ve elected to make it Open! 🙂 ###

### Quick update: I’ve had a number of people ask how to make their groups open – as of end November 2010, LinkedIn are still testing and rolling out and, if you are interested in enabling this feature for your group, they recommend emailing them at or visit an update page at ###

In yet another departure from their current setup, LinkedIn has announced that it is introducing Open Groups onto the site – indeed, this will be the default format of all new LinkedIn Groups going forward, once it is fully rolled out.

So what’s an Open Group? Well, this isn’t, as you might think, one that anyone on LinkedIn can join – those already exist as “open access groups” – but rather one where the content will be visible to everyone on LinkedIn (group member of not) and externally to LinkedIn as well, therefore making it accessible to Google.

Currently, most of the content on LinkedIn, including in this instance that in the Groups, is essentially hidden from Google because they are locked away behind the password and login. The main exceptions to this are (more…)

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LinkedIn introduces BrandYou

BrandYou @ LinkedInLinkedIn have decided to go on the offensive – or at least that’s what I think you could call it. They’ve launched a site/service called BrandYou which is aimed at helping professionals look at their own personal branding, which I guess will sit comfortably alongside the product and services “branding” that they have been bringing in lately on their Company pages and well as backing up their position as the leader in online personal business networking.

Personally, I’m all in favour of this type of initiative – I think that we forget all too often that content and opinion we publish on the net has an impact on the way that people view us. I consider any foray into social media – from blogs to social networks to forums, You Tube and beyond – will not just impact on one’s own brand, but (more…)

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