Blogvember – my 30 day challenge

Blogvember - 30 day challengeI used to do a lot of writing but, over the past couple of years, the ‘real work’ has taken over – you know the training and coaching stuff. But I’ve missed it and, particularly of late, I have desperately wanted to get back to it and rekindle my old mojo … from a blogging perspective.

In doing so, it seemed logical to do so while focusing in on my (some might say ‘all consuming’) passion that is LinkedIn – “blog about what you know”, I always used to tell people, so I’ll be following my own advice and sharing some of the things about LinkedIn that I have been wanting to get out there and so kill two birds with one stone, so to speak.

November seemed a good time to do that … at least it did when I first decided to embark on it.

Anyway, I’ve challenged myself to blog daily over the course of the month and try to share some insights about how you (yes, you) might be able to integrate LinkedIn and all the new stuff it has been pushing out over recent weeks and months (as well as a lot of the old stuff too) into your marketing, sales or recruiting activity.

I’m planning to look at not just the main LinkedIn but also the other focal areas such as Sales Navigator, the Recruiter licence and also the advertising options which have been developing apace over recent months, as well as keeping an eye on the first signs of integration with the Microsoft suite following the take over last year.

I hope that there will be something in there for everyone so if you feel so inclined, do follow along and, of course, your participation through the comments section on any of the topics would be greatly appreciated!

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