Make sure you are not hidden

Are you unwittingly hiding your photo? Here’s a 2 minute check for you to make sure you’re not.

Over the past month this has been the case for nearly 20 people in the classes I’ve run who thought their photo was there for all to see, so I thought I’d share this with you.

Although we can see our photo, sometimes settings get changed and so people outside our 1st degree connections cannot. Clearly this is not good as:

► you lose impact and the chance to make a good 1st impression
► it gives the wrong impression, what are you hiding?
► it can make people more wary of connecting with you, reducing opportunities.

Here is a 2 minute check to see who can see your photo and make sure that you are not a grey image to them instead.

📌 Go to your profile page
📌 Click on your photo
📌 When the box comes up, look to the bottom right-hand corner
📌 Click on “Visibility” and check your setting
📌 Ideally have that set to “All LinkedIn members” or alternatively to “Public” (if you are happy for it to be visible out on the internet).
📌 Click “Select” and that’s it!

Now you can now be sure that you are visible to people looking at your profile and not just a grey silhouette of yourself!

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