Who do you want to notice you on LinkedIn?

Don’t try to create a LinkedIn Profile that speaks to everyone. You can’t.

As Lincoln is famously quoted as saying “You can’t please all of the people all of the time”.

The same most certainly rings true when it comes to your Profile as well – write it to try to talk to everyone and you’ll end up talking to no-one.

So, it’s really important to decide who is your target audience when writing it.

✅ Looking for a job?
Then we need to appeal to people who might be interested in employing us – perhaps hiring managers or HR or specialist recruiters (did you say Talent Acquisition Managers?) in a company, or maybe agency recruiters representing them.

✅ Looking for clients?
Then who are the decision makers in the companies you are looking at – are we talking the finance or purchasing departments, or the users of your service or product is designed for, or someone who has just been asked to do some research and build up a short list.

✅ Personal Branding?
Who would be drawn to you by the attributes you have, the way you present yourself and the topics you talk about.

And, in each of these cases,


(And ideally, as Balzac added, then “make them get up and take action!”)

That’s what you need on your profile. Something which makes them stop, read and think … and ideally get in contact.

So make sure you give them all of that!

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