Remember the Time Warp for LinkedIn Mobile App

Looks like LinkedIn have gone all Time Warp on us when it comes to the mobile app. What are you on about I hear you ask …

Well, finally they have started to bring into line one outstanding difference between the desktop and the mobile app – the banner that sits at the top of your profile should contain lots of good information but the bane of the marketing department’s life has been the fact that while your photo was moved across to the left hand side at the start of 2017, on the mobile app it has steadfastly remained in the centre on the mobile app.

As of this week, however, it has just taken a Jump to the Left (now we get to the Time Warp reference!) to put it in line with the desktop and give us all an additional tranche of clear space to use should we wish to, much to the delight of all marketing departments across the land creating profile banner images that are truly fit for purpose. There are still a couple of places on the desktop where the centre positioning still work properly.

However, and here where there is an important difference in work flow between the desktop and miobile versions, if you want to send a custom message with your invite on the mobile, you don’t just click on the ‘Connect’ button. This, rather unhelpfully sends the generic invite.

Instead you take a Step to the Right (get it yet?) and you will see ‘three dots’ or a ‘More’ button – click on this and it will create a menu revealing the option to “Personalize Invite” and it is from here that you will be able to create that all important good first impression.

So, good news in part, but still remember your Time Warp steps to personalise that invite!

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