LinkedIn Coaching and Strategy Sessions

It may not always be possible to attend a course or it may not be specific enough for the requirements that you have – in this case, a tailored 1-2-1 approach may be more appropriate.

For this reason, I offer a comprehensive and yet flexible set of LinkedIn coaching packages that can be customised to fit with your professional requirements.

They are designed to provide you with the tools to ensure that you will become a more effective and productive user of LinkedIn.

The areas we can cover may be functional in nature or cover specific areas. This may include:

  • Business Development / Social selling
  • Recruiting and using the recruitment options
  • General business usage of LinkedIn
  • Job seeking or Career development

In terms of the areas that can be covered, they really cover the extent of what would be of value to you. Some example areas might be:

  • Plan a sales process to integrate into your sales activities
  • How to create a Personal Profile that gets you found and markets you
  • How to use advanced search techniques / boolean search
  • How to promote and market yourself
  • How to build and then benefit from your network
  • Using Sales Navigator and building prospect lists

The process would consist of an initial call (not part of the paid sessions) to establish what you are looking for and then planning out the session / sessions and what we would be looking to cover in them. The sessions themselves would be using Zoom to allow screen share so that we can look at specific examples and can be recorded if required.

The remote online coaching falls into 3 different options:
a) Individual sessions
1 hour or 1.5 hour sessions (charged at £125 per hour)

Power hour sessions can be booked directly via Calendly page at

b) A monthly coaching program
4 * 1 hour sessions held on a weekly basis – charged at £400

c) Full Immersive program
This would include:

  • Full Personal Profile Review
  • Profile optimisation and Updates
  • Targeted search tuition
  • Building a set of Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) searches
  • Create a set of listening searches for relevant people and content
  • Posting evaluation and planning
  • Practical content creation ideas and tools
  • Content Calendar creation (working with the algorithm)

Inclusive of additional follow up document and cheat sheets, charged at £995

If you are interested in any of these, or just wish to ask about what we could achieve, then call on 020 3633 0230 or email at