LinkedIn Sales Navigator Training

The Sales Navigator training, customised to your requirements and focus, can be delivered as Virtual / Remote training or, with suitable set-up, as face to face training. A full proposal can be created for you after an initial conversation, so please email me at to arrange.

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From my background running a sales and marketing team, there are obviously many challenges to overcome during the sales process and any tools that we can integrate into that process to help identify, connect or attract potential customers are going to be welcome. The Sales Navigator account within LinkedIn is one of those key tools allowing highly targeted identification of potential leads coupled with the ability to leverage all of the clients and contacts that you have built up over the years.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator training is available as a bespoke inhouse workshop building up your team’s knowledge of how to get the best from the Sales Navigator account and use it to develop contacts, opportunities and to close more deals.

For more information on the Sales Navigator training, call Mark on 020 3633 0230 or email on

The normal format for the Sales Navigator training is a full day session which not only addresses the specifics in the Sales Navigator account and how to use them to best effect, but also looks at the Personal Profile to present the individual and company to best effect, some key site wide settings which can benefit you and the marketing opportunities which exist.

It is also available as a half-day session but this focuses purely on the key elements of the software rather than a fuller look at what LinkedIn can offer. In both cases, we would be looking at this with a strong emphasis on the opportunities it can offer from a business development perspective and how it can be used as an all round business tool for the team.

The content for the Sales Navigator session will usually include the following primary areas although they can be customised to your requirements once we have had the opportunity to talk through the specifics:

i) Introduction, positioning and key concepts on LinkedIn
• LinkedIn as part of the Business & Marketing process
• Introducing key ideas including connection levels
• Key Business settings to use the site effectively

ii) Building a customer focused Personal profile
• Ensure your Personal profile is marketing you 24/7
• Attract search engines & your prospects
• Stand out and integrate your other activity
• Use Rich Media options to deliver your sales and marketing messages

iii) Setting up and Developing Sales Navigator
• Examining the different parts of the Sales Navigator interface
• Setting up and importing into the Leads / Accounts interface
• Connect to your contacts & make your network visible to you
• Using homepage as a listening and tracking tool
• General Search options built into the system

iv) Identifying prospects, leads and opportunities with Sales Navigator
• Using the Accounts advanced search to identify target companies
• Target new prospects and Identify key stakeholders easily & quickly
• Tap into your connections to create referral opportunities
• Specific search options built into the system for implicit search
• Using Saved search and Search Alerts effectively
• Tagging and developing a system
• Successful ways to connect (and some to avoid)

v) Inbound marketing Opportunities & Raising your Profile
• Market and maintain visibility with your LinkedIn connections
• Create awareness and sales interest using Updates
• Using Groups as a potential resource
• Using Company updates effectively
• Tap into the direct marketing opportunities
• Using the LinkedIn Publisher tool effectively

vi) Integrate & Best Practice
• Coordinate your activity and that of your colleagues
• Best practice from a personal, team and company perspective
• Key points to remember

For more information on the Sales Navigator training, call Mark on 020 3633 0230 or email on