Your LinkedIn Trainer

LinkedIn Trainer, Mark White

Your LinkedIn Trainer, Mark White

Hi there, my name is Mark White and I work as an independent LinkedIn trainer and specialist. I have been running workshops and coaching sessions on using LinkedIn from a business perspective almost exclusively for over 8 years now, helping companies and individuals understand what they can achieve from a sales and marketing perspective with LinkedIn … and of course how to go about implementing it!

I do so without the hype that can often surround LinkedIn – instead, I work from my sales and marketing background which I did for 10 years before applying that experience to LinkedIn. And that’s where it counts … not simply finding out which buttons to press but how you can integrate LinkedIn as a TOOL to help your sales, marketing or recruitment activities.

If you are interested in simply discussing what you are looking to achieve and getting some free guidance then please drop me a line.

✆ +44 (0)20 3633 0230

In my International sales and marketing role, I ran a business development and channel sales team as well as the marketing function. It is this business mindset & focus that forms the basis of the workshops I run, where I look to introduce you not to the “push a button” world of social media, but to use LinkedIn as a business tool which can be applied to the sales and business requirements YOU have today.

It seems to be well received! In 2019, I have delivered over 200 LinkedIn training sessions to international corporates, Small and Medium sized companies and individuals covering the application of the LinkedIn site to business development, marketing, recruitment, networking, job seeking and a myriad of uses. This I did via a mixture of in-house training sessions delivered at their premises as well as at 6 locations around the UK where I run public courses. You can see a few of the testimonials I have received for the sessions here.

My training started as purely in-house sessions but this has also developed to a series of Public workshops as well which run alongside the team and company specific sessions I run for organisations across the UK. In all cases, they are aimed at getting you in a position where you can start to understand and apply the tools that LinkedIn offers to the specific needs that your business has.

The LinkedIn training that I deliver is always going to focus on two key aspects:

  • the business focus which will allow you to integrate LinkedIn into your business strategy whether that involves business generation, recruitment, general marketing etc.;
  • the technical training elements which are going to allow you to understand and use the LinkedIn site as effectively as possible whatever you are looking to achieve.

With a background in international business development and marketing together with a wide experience of planning and running both workshops and training sessions on LinkedIn and a range of other social media topics (and of course extensive hands on experience – I practice what I preach!), you can be sure of up to date and tried and tested advice and training.

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If you would like to know more then just drop me a line using one of the methods you’ll find on the contact page or have a look at some of the options that are available. If you don’t find exactly what you want then let me know – I think you’ll find that I can accommodate most requests!

In any case, you’ll find me at so please just send an invite and I’d be pleased to connect on LinkedIn as well.