Comments on LinkedIn are powerful for engagement

As part of the LinkedIn for Business course and the Social Selling training, we talk about creating visibility through posting. We also talk about how engagement – our real aim – can come from lots of other areas as well.

Don’t get me wrong, Posts are important for visibility but there’s much more you can tap into.

I usually encourage people to start by focussing on commenting instead, getting involved in conversations before starting them themselves.

So for me, commenting is in many ways just as important as Posting – maybe more so! Continue reading

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Open Letter from LinkedIn’s Algorithm

I’m getting a little fed up of the blame culture here on LinkedIn and, to be honest, it’s getting me down.

The algorithm did this, the algorithm did that … and all because you’re getting rubbish in your LinkedIn newsfeed.


(Sorry about the capitals but I feel reallllllly strongly about this)

Well, when I say it’s not my fault, it is sort of … but it’s yours too!

“How can we help?” I hear you ask?

Well for starters if you think something you see is good and it’s something you’d like to see more of, then LET ME KNOW! I’m not a mind reader after all.

Just ‘Like’ it or ‘Love’ it or ‘Celebrate’ it or Continue reading

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5 Key elements to creating LinkedIn business post

Is there a secret formula to posting on LinkedIn, a format that is guaranteed to give success under all circumstances? Well, I think I’ve found the answer!

No. Sorry about that.

The fact is that with the variety of audiences, topics, formats, marketing options, networks & individual preferences we all have, there can never be one format that fits all. We all have different tastes and we certainly have different reasons for being on LinkedIn which makes a one size fits all approach to be almost impossible.

Indepth posts, business topics, personal successes / challenges, motivational posts, even jokes – which have certainly been successful for some people (though not to my taste) – all have their place.

However, for those looking for a general business format, here is a great framework to try when you post which should allow you to get a number of the key trigger elements in place:

1. Strong Opening
The first 2 – 3 lines are what people see so, like a newspaper headline, you need to use that to get their attention

2. Hook
You need them to click on ‘read more’ to see the rest of your post, so give them a reason to do so

3. Content
Important that you make sure what they see is of value or inspires a reaction depending on your post’s purpose

4. Call to Action
What you want them to do next – leave a comment, like, get in touch – doesn’t have to be blatant but do encourage an action

5. Visual
An image or video helps it stand out – may give visibility or add value to the post (or both!)

So many other formats to consider but is this a format you’ve tried? What works best for you?

#LinkedIn #Marketing

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Changing email accounts on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Questions and AnswersUPDATED – There have been a lot of questions recently regarding the functional elements of adding new emails into your account and also how to set up or change the principal address (which LinkedIn calls your Primary email address) where LinkedIn will send all of the correspondence and updates. It is also the email address that appears in your Contact Info area, so it has a double importance.

All of this information is controlled from your “Settings & Privacy” page which you can access by hovering over ‘Me’ in the main menu (top right hand corner of the screen when you’re logged into LinkedIn) and then choosing it from the menu below.

You then need to head to the ‘Sign In & Security’ menu item on the left hand side of the page – this gives you the ‘Account Access’ area and the top item should be ‘Email addresses’.

Clicking on this will show you the list of all of the email addresses you have associated with your LinkedIn account – this might be one or more email addresses, and should look similar to Continue reading

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B is for Banner: A to Z of LinkedIn

“A picture is worth 1000 words” – ring a bell? Well, we all have a piece of prime real estate at the top of our Personal Profile that is the ideal place to make the most of exactly that.

You may recognise the grey / green looking image that I’ve added below as the default background or banner that still introduces so many profiles …. what a waste!

What does your say about you or what you offer?

With a little bit of work (or a visit to somewhere like, we have the opportunity to create something that gives a very powerful visual message to introduce the rest of your profile.

In fact the banner makes up about 40% of what LinkedIn calls the “Introduction Card” – that top part of your profile also containing Continue reading

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A is for Audience: A to Z of LinkedIn

Ato Z of LInkedIn - AudienceThere are so many ways we can use LinkedIn, so many parts to the site and outcomes we want to achieve. Trying to do them all at once – trying to be everything to everyone – is doomed to failure.

The first key decision you should make on LinkedIn is who you want to talk to – who is YOUR audience? And what do you want to achieve from your engagement with them.

That underpins everything else you do – if you are talking to the right people then you have half a chance of your message getting across.

From that, you can decide:

✅ What to include in your profile to attract their attention
– that’s not just the information itself, but the language you use and the visuals you include to attract and influence
Continue reading

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