LinkedIn Tips: avoiding update clutter (basic)

LinkedIn Tips and AdviceDuring the LinkedIn training sessions I run, one of the things that I find LinkedIn users are getting a little tired of is the increasing stream of non business updates from their connections on their LinkedIn homepage. Don’t worry, there is an easy solution!

A lot of these updates come from your connections who have directly tied their Twitter account to their LinkedIn one without any filtering. This means that you can get a lot of chatter which you may not want on a business network.

Like so much on LinkedIn, however, you can alter what you see on screen and customise it to your own tastes. In this case, you can hide updates from individuals as required without disrupting those that you get from other connections. There are two ways to do this – we will look at the quick method here and will go into more detail about how to change your general update settings in a second post.

The easiest way is to simply hide the updates from a connection that you feel is posting excessively or whose updates you are no longer interested in. Simply hover over the one of their updates on your main LinkedIn page and the word “hide” will appear on the right hand side. Click on that and immediately all updates from that person will be hidden. (You can see this in the image below)

LinkedIn Tips Hiding Updates

If you feel you’ve been a bit hasty then then can undo this immediately by clicking on the “undo” link that appears. Alternatively, at any point, just go the the bottom of the updates list and click where it says “show hidden updates” and you can change your preferences there.

So easily and quickly done leaving your updates list clear for things you do wish to read. We’ll look at how to modify them further by using your account settings in another post!

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