LinkedIn Company Page editors – a word of advice

LinkedIn Company Pages error[FYI – there’s a key bit of advice at the end regarding setting permissions for LinkedIn Company Page administrators so do read on!]

Well, you’ve got to laugh haven’t you?

I’ve been telling clients during training sessions all about the hugely improved new company page set up on LinkedIn – indeed if I wasn’t so firmly set against hyperbole when it comes to Social Media then I’d be tempted to call it awesome. Anyway, suffice to say, between you and me, it really is hugely powerful with some fabulous potential in terms of marketing opportunities, customisation and tapping into the power of recommendations!

But who can edit them?

Anyway, the only thing I didn’t like was the fact that anyone with an email address on the company domain could get in and edit it. Well, no longer the case, as I guess was to be expected. Although you can leave it set up that way, I’m guessing that most people will choose the other option which is to select a few members who can in fact edit the company pages.

To make this change, just go to your main company page click on the edit button and at the top of the form, you should be presented with something that looks like the image below (though without my profile details in it one hopes!).

Company pages admin

Just click the “Designated Users only” option and you’ll be able to select any 1st level connections that you like as editors / administrators of the company pages.

A word of warning

Well, as I mentioned at the start, there is a small word of warning as you do this which I discovered to my own cost. Before you start to add and confirm people who can edit the company pages … add yourself first!! Otherwise, as you as you add someone and confirm that selection, you’ll be locked out of the edit system yourself.

Are there ways around it? Well, yes of course – it gives you a list of administrators (that you’ve just added) who can give you access as well as a comforting customer service email. Best solution – add yourself first and avoid the issue! 🙂

There, there’s the key bit advice for you … and of course the reason for my red face today!

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