Online LinkedIn Training
for Sales & Marketing Professionals

Linkedin Training for Sales and MarketingThe advent of Social Media has, among others things, clearly demonstrated how everyone in a company is part of the sales and marketing process, through any contact that they have with customers and prospects. Understanding this and how to make best use of the tools that are available to us is now an essential part of any business development process

LinkedIn is a key tool within this new area of social media and one that has attracted large numbers of professionals, companies and jobseekers to its door. With over 75m users worldwide and over 4m in the UK alone, LinkedIn provides access to a vast potential pool of talent and organisations – the challenge is to use this effectively.

Our online LinkedIn Training for Sales and Marketing Professionals is divided into 4 one hour sessions delivered over a four week period. This means that you can be putting the advice from each session into practice ahead of the following session allowing you to build a complete set of advice on how to use LinkedIn to best effect for YOUR requirements.

We run this on a monthly basis and keep numbers down to a maximum of 20 so that we can ensure everyone gets the support they require during the process.

The areas that we cover in the sessions are as follows:

Week 1: Introduction and Creating a profile which works for you

There are two key parts to the first session: first of all, we introduce LinkedIn as part of the social media tools which are gaining such prominence within business marketing activities and help you to place it within your business marketing and development strategy. Secondly, we then go on to examine your LinkedIn profile, the cornerstone of your LinkedIn activity and how to develop one which will help achieve your business goals.

Key Elements:

  • Why LinkedIn is key and its place in the social media world
  • Setting your LinkedIn strategy to achieve your business goals
  • Developing a profile which will work best for you
  • Getting found on LinkedIn for your target keywords
  • Using the available applications to enhance your visibility and credibility

Week 2: Developing your Network and Community

It’s important to work to develop the network of people that you are connected to within LinkedIn and while the “Quantity vs Quality” argument will continue to rage, there are certainly arguments to say that you can have the best of both worlds. In this session, we look at the ways in which you can develop a network of people that you want to work with and should be connected to.

Key Elements:

  • Developing a network that will help you to achieve the results you want
  • Connecting and re-connecting
  • Using the advanced search facilities to find the right people
  • How to approach and connect with people – and how not to
  • ‘Follow’ and ‘tagging’ functions examined

Week 3: Raising your Profile and Developing your Reputation

Here we focus on ways to raise your profile on LinkedIn and develop your reputation through using the tools that are available to you to distribute your content and engage with those who are attracted by it.

Key Elements:

  • Updates: how to use best without re-inventing the wheel
  • Groups: selecting the right groups together with using and participating in them sensibly.
  • Groups: setting up and developing your own Group
  • LinkedIn Answers, testimonials and other on site tools

Week 4: Getting organised and using the tools available

There are an increasing number of demands on our time and we need to make sure that we share it out sensibly so that we are not constantly pulled in all different directions. In the final session, we look at the tools that we have at our disposal to help us and the ways in which can plan out a weekly routine that means 15 minutes a day can help to bring the results we want.

Key Elements:

  • Getting organised and making best use of your time
  • Coordinating efforts across social media channels
  • Establishing a daily / weekly LinkedIn routine
  • Key activities and how to arrange them
  • LinkedIn Tools to help you achieve this while managing your time
  • Company Profiles, Toolbars and other tools
  • LinkedIn Premium accounts examined

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