LinkedIn Training options for Recruitment Agencies

There was a saying which was bandied about the recruitment sector a couple of years ago which went:

“Technology won’t replace recruitment agents …
recruitment agents with technology will replace recruitment agents!”

At the time, we felt that this a real possibility as we had seen the same trends in a number of other sectors – whether it was fully taken on board by agencies at the time is difficult to say but the rise in social media and the general realisation of the benefit of Social Recruiting has certainly had a profound impact on the sector.

Sitting at the heart of this is LinkedIn, which has now become the premier network for professionals both in the UK – where there are over 4 million members – and indeed across the world where numbers are fast approaching 80 million.

Knowing how to get the best from LinkedIn puts you at a distinct advantage over your competitors either in terms of:

  • researching and finding potential candidates who could fill current and future roles;
  • understanding how to successfully approach them using the LinkedIn systems;
  • becoming more visible so jobseekers (and potential clients) can find you;
  • developing your reputation to stand out from the crowd in a competitive marketplace;
  • being able to make best use of your time and more efficient in presenting the right candidates to your clients.

To help you with these challenges, we offer three possibilities to help you to tap into these opportunities:

1. Inhouse LinkedIn Training Session

A LinkedIn Training session run exclusively for your team and delivered on your premises so you don’t lose time travelling to external training, and with the option to have the content adapted if required. This is a half day session which will make sure your team can represent and promote the agency correctly, will have all the LinkedIn tools at their fingertips to identify potential candidates (and potentially clients) and raise the agency’s profile in a competitive marketplace.

2. Online LinkedIn Training

An online training course divided into two one and an half hour webinar based sessions. These are run two weeks apart and cover the key areas from the Inhouse training although as a standard course format. You still get all the benefits of the training and the format gives you the opportunity to put into practice elements from the first session ahead of the second. The next dates 2nd week November and 4th week November and there are still early bird places available.

3. LinkedIn

If you are already a user of LinkedIn (or even if you aren’t) then just sign up to our feed at LinkedIn Training – we are stepping up the information we are posting there with a series of posts on how to use LinkedIn to the benefit of your business, no matter what your business. You can receive them automatically by email or if you use RSS then you can go directly here.

For more details or information, just contact us directly on 020 3633 0230 or at and we can supply you with any additional details you require.