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The LinkedIn Essentials day in Swindon is designed to help people who consider that they are not yet getting the best from their activity on LinkedIn or who, in their own words, think “I don’t really know HOW to use it.” We also make sure that those who are already using the basics are able to up their game in their own specialist area whether that be sales, marketing or recruitment.

The sessions are built on 6 years experience working with individuals and companies on LinkedIn and there are 4 sessions each covering a key business function of LinkedIn that you may be interested in using more effectively.

Session 1:
Creating your Ideal LinkedIn Profile & Blueprint
Session 2:
The Essentials of Selling with LinkedIn
Session 3:
The Essential Marketing Guide to LinkedIn
Session 4:
LinkedIn for HR and Recruitment

You can see a breakdown of the sessions and an overview of what they cover below.

Using examples live on LinkedIn, the LinkedIn Essentials sessions are designed to ensure that you are best placed to use the power and opportunities of LinkedIn for you & your business, giving you the know-how to present yourself, market your services and the company, identify and approach prospects and also develop new business or recruit through it.

It’s up to you whether you come for 1 or 2 sessions … or indeed if you want to stay for them all. It depends on what you wish to get out of LinkedIn and out of the day itself.

Who’s it for?

The individual workshops are aimed at people who wish to:

  • Present themselves in the best possible way on LinkedIn to achieve their objectives
  • Get more customers for themselves or their company
  • Find the decision makers they need to talk to
  • Gain a marketing edge over your competition and keep yourself visible in your market
  • Understand how to use LinkedIn to recruit more effectively
  • Plan their time on LinkedIn to use it more efficiently

Questions are encouraged throughout – the format is a mixture of slides, used to introduce the key areas we are looking at, before then going online to demonstrate the capabilities of the site in live situations.

What you take away

The cost of the LinkedIn Training Essentials Session includes:

  • Relevant workshop covering these key areas of using LinkedIn for Business
  • Handout pack containing slides for note taking
  • Document covering LinkedIn Profile Setup & Optimisation
  • Vouchers with discounts off In-house workshops, Public courses & on-line training

The LinkedIn Essentials Day Agenda (Swindon)

Session 1: Creating your Ideal LinkedIn Profile & Blueprint

08.30 – 10.00
We start by looking at the foundation block of LinkedIn which is your own personal profile and how to create one which achieves the goals you have set for LinkedIn – we also look at the planning process and how you can plan your LinkedIn activity more effectively.

  • Developing your profile to attract your target audience
  • Getting found on LinkedIn for your target keywords and areas of expertise
  • Planning your activity on LinkedIn and using your time effectively
  • Outlines to plan your time and activity on LinkedIn
Session 2: The Essentials of Selling with LinkedIn

10.30 – 12.30
LinkedIn is a great tool that can help in various stages of the sales process but does not replace it! We look at the various areas where LinkedIn offers us avenues to identify opportunities, create warm leads and find and engage with key people.

  • Methods and approaches to extend your network into relevant target areas
  • Search facilities to target new business & find the right people
  • Using Company search to identify stakeholders within an organisation
  • How to approach and connect including example templates and ideas
Session 3: The Essential Marketing Guide to LinkedIn

13.00 – 15.00
We work through all of the key options that are available to individuals, SMEs and corporates alike – we take a look at how to make best use of them and how to help streamline and plan your marketing to make it as efficient – and effective – as possible.

  • Content Marketing ideas to promote you, your company & your products / services
  • Company Pages and Showcase pages used to best effect
  • Updates and Publisher: how to use them best without re-inventing the wheel
  • Recommendations, messaging, groups, endorsements and other on site tools
Session 4: LinkedIn for HR and Recruitment

15.30 – 17.30
We examine the range of alternatives which exist for the internal recruiter in terms of both proactive and more passive recruitment options. In doing so, we look at proactively searching for the best people, Social Recruiting opportunities, marketing & paid options.

  • How to proactively search for candidates
  • Promotion opportunities through free marketing options
  • Social Recruiting options on LinkedIn
  • Using Jobs Board & Paid Advertising

To book your place, please contact us on 020 3633 0230,
email or

Eventbrite - Swindon - The LinkedIn Essentials UK Tour