LinkedIn 1-2-1 Coaching

There will be occasions where the timings or content of a public course – or even an inhouse one with other team members – is not going to be relevant. Alternatively, you may have very specific requirements in your use of LinkedIn which have posed specific questions or options that you wish to look at and talk through in more detail.

In this case, a 1-2-1 coaching session may fit the bill. We can identify and plan objectives and work through your specific requirements and map out how to use LinkedIn to achieve them.

In many cases, as part of that process we will look at:

  • Your Personal Profile to make sure that yours is reflecting you properly and chieving the golas that you have for it;
  • Connection strategy – who should you connect to and how should you go about it
  • Marketing strategy
  • Business development strategy
  • Integration strategy


The contents of the session are agreed in advance so that we make full use of the time and it will be highly focused on achieving your goals on the site. Face to face, the minimum time is a 2 hour session but shorter sessions over the phone or using Skype can also be arranged.