Virtual / Remote LinkedIn Training

The bespoke in-house LinkedIn training and training service that we offer is now also available as Remote (or Virtual) LinkedIn training delivered remotely to your teams wherever they are individually based or to individuals looking to unlock the potential of LinkedIn themselves.

To help companies and their individual teams make best use of LinkedIn during this difficult time, we offer customised Virtual training for your teams along the lines that the in-house sessions ran. These training sessions are designed to ensure that your teams are able to use LinkedIn to sell, market, recruit or simply network and promote your company together with the products and services you produce.

Above all, it gives them the confidence to use a site which offers so much commercially when people are familiar with the possibilities and are able to use it in a focused and targeted fashion … not as a space to while away the hours!

Who can benefit?

The Virtual LinkedIn training allows you to run the session to your preferred timescales and straighto to where your team is currently based while working from home. It is planned following discussions with yourselves and is designed to ensure that it fits with your internal requirements. The sessions can be designed to help and support any group or team within a company, however, the biggest beneficiaries tend to include the following:

  • Sales Teams & Professionals

    LinkedIn offers Sales and Business Development teams an exceptionally powerful tool for prospecting and lead generation as well as a perfect way to increase visibility with prospects and clients alike. Even using the free LinkedIn account, sales professionals can quickly target new opportunities, identify key people in target companies and find very focused referral opportunities.

    If you have invested in Sales Navigator then you have an incredibly powerful tool at your disposal but it’s important to get it working for you effectively. The Sales Navigator training can ensure that it is set up to help you initially and then start to tap into the key opportunities and information that it can offer.

  • General Business Teams

    The general business sessions will often include team members from across the whole company and usually starts from the position of “I’m on LinkedIn but I don’t really know how to use it”. We work through how to position the company and its employees on LinkedIn, its use for business development, marketing and general visibility as well as networking and word of mouth. An ideal start point for companies looking to integrate LinkedIn into their key customer facing activities.

  • Marketing Teams

    The range of content and push marketing options on LinkedIn offers a solid marketing platform for integrated marketing opportunities, passive visibility and proactive lead generation activities. We look at both the range of marketing possibilities on offer as well as examine the paid advertising solutions available from LinkedIn if required.

  • Recruiters and HR

    LinkedIn has historically attracted recruiters, both internal and agency based. Although it offers a number of paid options in this respect, there is also massive value available from using the basic account. Here, we look at topics such as using LinkedIn’s search to identify potential candidates, developing a Company Profile which attracts, Social recruiting options and how to promote job opportunities and the company successfully.

A small selection of the 400+ clients we have run in-house LinkedIn training for include:

in-house clients

What you take away

The training session will normally be either a half day (4 hour) or a full day format broken down into 2 hour long sessions and will be geared to the agreed brief that has been developed. Use of laptops in the session is an option and will depend on how the training has been planned and the areas to be covered – essentially, all options are possible including the updating of individual profiles during the session itself if required.

Most of the session will be run online on LinkedIn, allowing us to examine the capabilities of the site in live situations, and the examples used throughout will be relevant to your industry and the focus of the session – this is then mixed with slides which are used to introduce the key areas we are looking at and provide ‘memory joggers’.

Questions are encouraged throughout and a maximum of 10 – 12 participants is recommended to ensure the dynamics of the group allows people to get all of their queries answered. If you are looking for larger numbers then that can be accommodated, although a slightly different format may be suggested.

So there are no unexpected extras, the price of the session will include:

  • Virtual Workshop covering the customised LinkedIn training session
  • Customisation required to target the session to your requirements
  • Handout pack containing slides for all participants for note taking
  • Document covering LinkedIn Profile Setup & Optimisation for all participants
  • 3 months email support (for any follow up questions while putting the contents of the session into practice)


The cost of a half-day session is not dependent on the number of attendees, that’s not the way I work. (Although I do offer a discounted rate for very small groups to help them benefit from the training I provide). Having said that, in order to maintain the level of interaction in the workshop that will really allow your team to take the most from it, I advise that the session have a maximum of 10 – 12 attendees, though ultimately the decision is yours.

For a preliminary discussion to see what would be the most appropriate solution for you to get the best out of LinkedIn, simply get in touch via the methods below or via LinkedIn at Mark White’s profile. The Inmail option is free to use for you so you can contact me instantly via LinkedIn as well.

For costs and availability,
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