Unlocking the Marketing Opportunities on LinkedIn

Much focus is made on LinkedIn on the benefits to the individual, either from business development, job hunting or general networking … and rightly so! The start point of our individual activity revolves around our Personal profile and all interaction is carried out between members.

However, arguably a much greater benefit can be gained by organisations that are able to tap into the tools and opportunities that the LinkedIn site offers from a general marketing and branding perspective – both active and passive, corporate and individual, broadcast and targetted.

In the Unlocking the Company Marketing Opportunities on LinkedIn, we examine the opportunities that exist on LinkedIn from a company perspective and how to both identify the ones that will provide real benefit and then tap into them. We also look at how to go about coordinating the activity both at an individual and company level, and then .

This is a half day session which is available as an in-house workshop just for the marketing team or can be built into a full day workshop where other sessions might include LinkedIn for Business Development, looking across the company at creating a consistent profile or in conjunction with a session for the HR team.

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