Unlocking the Company Marketing Opportunities on LinkedIn

Unlocking the Company Marketing Opportunities on LinkedIn

Much focus is made on LinkedIn on the benefits to the individual, either from business development, job hunting or general networking … and rightly so! The start point of our individual activity revolves around our Personal profile and all interaction is carried out between members.

However, arguably a much greater benefit can be gained by organisations that are able to tap into the tools and opportunities that the LinkedIn site offers from a general marketing and branding perspective – both active and passive, corporate and individual, broadcast and targetted.

In the Unlocking the Company Marketing Opportunities on LinkedIn, we examine the opportunities that exist on LinkedIn from a company perspective and how to both identify the ones that will provide real benefit and then tap into them. We also look at how to go about coordinating the activity both at an individual and company level, and then .

This is a half day session which is available as an in-house workshop just for the marketing team or can be built into a full day workshop where other sessions might include LinkedIn for Business Development, looking across the company at creating a consistent profile or in conjunction with a session for the HR team.

What do we cover?

The session is designed to introduce the different elements that are available to us as marketers on LinkedIn and how we can make best use of them.

In this intensive half-day session, we look at how to tap into these opportunities on LinkedIn and make the most of them. We also look at the key elements of the site that you need to know about to organise your own activity and be able to coordinate that of your team.

We look at how to:

  • set up and effectively use LinkedIn’s Company Pages
  • benefit from the push marketing opportunities on offer and the customerĀ targetting benefits of the products and services pages
  • integrate the power of your staff’s personal profile pages
  • build LinkedIn into your Content Marketing activities
  • using groups for thought leadership, group collaboration or your website traffic programme
  • paid advertising options available

As a final element we look at the integration options that are available to us and ensure that we consider how the planning / strategy process should be approached and implemented.

Who should attend the session?

The session is aimed at those people within an organisation responsible for the marketing function but will also benefit all senior managers who are interested in how the company might:

  • Promote their products and services
  • Identify and engage with potential & current clients
  • Increase their visibility in their key markets
  • Develop new opportunities and partnerships

It is also relevant for those looking to build LinkedIn into their sales and marketing strategy and so need to gain a greater understanding of the options that are available and how they might be integrated with their organisation’s other activities.

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What you take away

The cost of the Unlocking the Company Marketing Opportunities on LinkedIn includes:

  • Half-day workshop covering Unlocking the Company Marketing Opportunities on LinkedIn
  • Handout pack containing full slide pack for note taking
  • Document covering LinkedIn Profile Setup & Optimisation
  • Customisation of the material to make it bespoke for your company’s needs
  • 3 months email support (for any follow up questions while putting the contents of the session into practice)

If you would like to find out more, or discuss the elements you would like to cover in your bespoke sessions, please contact us on 020 3633 0230 or email events@linkedintraining.net.

LinkedIn session Overview

1.) Overview and Key Elements
i) LinkedIn as a Business and Marketing tool
ii) An overview of the range of tools at our disposal
iii) Just who are the Key players in the mix

2.) Leveraging LinkedIn’s Company Pages
i) Getting the best from your Company homepage
ii) Using Company Pages as a push marketing tool
iii) Using updates to best effect
iv) Exploiting the power of showcase pages

3.) Incorporating personal profiles into the branding mix
i) Creating a consistent image and message
ii) Linking people to the Company Page
iii) Areas to look at and develop
iv) Which are the key elements and how to coordinate them

4.) Content Marketing options to promote and attract
i) Using Updates effectively and delivering your message
ii) Mixing Personal and Company updates in tandem to best effect
iii) Using Groups as content destinations
iv) Direct Marketing & Sponsored updates opportunities

5.) Developing Employee Advocacy on LinkedIn
i) Identifying the opportunities which exist
ii) Ways to encourage distribution and engagement on Company Page posts
iii) Creating a central resource to facilitate the process
iv) Developing ambassadors and effective feedback loops
iv) Ongoing development and controls

6.) Using advertising to target your audience
i) Examining the advertising options available on the site
ii) What targeting and advert options are available
iii) Managing the funnel & lead follow up

7.) Integration, best practice & planning
i) Recap and overview of the options available
ii) Integration points and options
iii) Identifying elements in the planning process
iv) Creating a potential checklist

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Unlocking Company Marketing Opportunities
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