The changing face of LinkedIn

Changing LinkedInThere has been great change at LinkedIn and I don’t just mean over the past few months although it’s true that there have also been numerous additions to the platform and its user base just recently as well.

For me, the difference between the LinkedIn that I first used some four years ago and the vibrant interactive place that I see today is like chalk and cheese. The development from online rolodex to interactive business social networking site has been a very positive change and the site is now one that offers a huge number of opportunities to individuals (and companies) using it. That’s not to say that it doesn’t still offer incredible opportunities to those people using it to essentially store their contacts online.

But it has beyond that now … way beyond that and is very much a networking environment which reflects the one that we all use day in day out offline too.

The changes reflect the developments that most large online networking sites have been embracing with the lines between the personal and business use blurring and our desire to interact with others rather than just store their contact details being key.

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