LinkedIn training for Recruiters (Agency and Internal)

In many people’s minds, recruitment is going through a step change with the advent of social media channels such as LinkedIn that open up access to both people and information. Unsurprisingly, identifying and approaching the right candidates as well as targeting new clients and new openings using the channels that social recruiting offers is taking on greater importance but at the same time delivering new challenges.

With over 550m users worldwide and over 24m in the UK alone, LinkedIn provides access to a vast potential pool of talent and organisations – the challenge is to use this effectively. LinkedIn offers recruitment agencies, executive search and recruiters in general a hugely important tool which has enormous potential both on the client side and in terms of candidate research.

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For the candidate side, when it comes to identifying potential candidates then we examine 3 key search tools able to help identify the right people to approach. The business development on the client side is equally well covered given the tracking, monitoring and targetting tools which allow identification and approach of the key players within company prospects.

In-house custom LinkedIn Training

Our LinkedIn Training for Recruitment Agencies training is a four hour session delivered on site at your premises to your team which covers the following areas:

i) Introduction to LinkedIn

  • Why LinkedIn is key and its place in the social media and business worlds
  • Setting your LinkedIn strategy
  • Getting your Settings right for you as a recruiter

ii) Creating the right profile: the cornerstone of your LinkedIn activity

  • Developing your profile to attract candidates, clients and partners
  • Getting to the top of search results on LinkedIn for your target keywords
  • Using the new Rich Media to enhance your visibility and credibility

iii) Developing your network to resource candidates and find new clients

  • Methods and approaches to extend your network
  • Using the advanced search facilities to find the right candidates and target new business
  • 6 areas you need to be using to identify potential candidates and prospects
  • How to approach and connect with people – and how not to!
  • X-Raying LinkedIn to find the people you want to reach: practical advice to develop the right search strings
  • Opportunities with the ‘tagging’ function examined

iv) Raising your profile and developing your reputation

  • Developing and raising your profile to set you apart from the competition on LinkedIn
  • Updates: how to use them best without re-inventing the wheel
  • Groups: participating sensibly and establishing your own
  • Recommendations, messaging, endorsements and other on site tools

v) Company tools and coordinating activities

  • Using the company pages
  • Coordination at a company and team level
  • Ensuring all your target areas are covered
  • Examining LinkedIn’s additional offerings

vi) Establishing a LinkedIn routine

  • Getting organised and making best use of your time
  • Key activities and how to arrange them
  • LinkedIn Tools to help you achieve this while managing your time

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For costs and availability,
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