LinkedIn – 5 Steps to Success

It was a pleasure to meet you at the NWES event today and I hope you took away some pointers as to how to help use LinkedIn more effectively for your businesses.

I said that would make the presentation available and in addition I have put an additional document which looks at the Personal Profile that might prove of value.

i) Firstly, here is a copy of the slides that I used in the session today which I trust will make sense – Slide Pack

ii) A copy of the document which should help you to setup your LinkedIn profile in a way which will help it to deliver against the goals you have for the site – “Setting up and Optimising your LinkedIn Profile

Just as an aside, I run Inhouse training at companies, conferences and groups as well as Public courses around the UK: the areas that I cover focus around the core strengths of LinkedIn, namely:

  • Using LinkedIn for Business Success
  • LinkedIn for Social Selling
  • Unlocking the Corporate Marketing Opportunities on LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn for HR and Recruitment

I also run a LinkedIn Essentials day broken down into 4 sessions that people can dip into and out of as required – you can find details of the recent Norwich LinkedIn Essentials day here.

Finally, if you have any questions, then please feel free to get in contact at:

Thanks again for coming to the session.

All the best,