LinkedIn Profiles: 5 new areas to consider

LinkedIn Site updatesThere has been a relativley low key launch – maybe appearance would be a better description rather than launch – of some additional sections which can be used on your LInkedIn profile. A pity as I think that they are ones that could most certainly be put to good use and, as with many of the other sections, offer another opportunity for people to display and push elements that are certainly worthy of promoting further.

This section is currently ‘hidden away’ in the “edit profile” section of the site which I guess is why so few people have as yet incorporated them into their profiles. The new section allows us to add one or all of a series of additional pieces of information covering the following areas:

  • Certifications
  • Languages
  • Patents
  • Publications
  • Skills

The one that caught my eye immediately was that of languages, partly because of my own background as a linguist, but also because of the questions I have been asked by recruiters if there was a way to find out people’s language skills. Well, now there is!

LinkedIn Profile - LanguagesLike the other components, in this instance, there is a way to not only name them but also to indicate additiopnal information – in this case, the level of proficiency which, I have to say, is more comprehensive than many I have seen.

I think that we will also find the “Skills” of particular use especially within the technical disciplines where there is now an easier way to display particular skills, level of competence and number of years experience in each. In addition, as you can see below, there is a “predictive” element allowing you to pick specific topics which should also help the general categorising of the skills across the whole site.

LinkedIn Profile - SkillsAnyway, do take a look, certainly if you are looking at LinkedIn from a job seeker’s perspective as this will cetainly be a help in this respect over and above the general keyword elements you can build in.

As for its real value, I think that is still to come as more and more people realise that these sections exist and start to use them more. So get yours set up and working for you, whatever your position, and help spread the word!

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