LinkedIn Profile Makeover

LinkedIn Profile Makeover / LinkedIn Profile OptimisationYour LinkedIn profile, like all social media profiles, is the key element of your LinkedIn presence. What is essential is that your LinkedIn profile is set up and designed to support the reasons that you are using LinkedIn and the goals that you have for it.

Have a look at the image below – what do you see in it?

Optical Illusion

The likelihood is that you will see either the young girl or the old lady … perhaps both. Other people may see the opposite to you or be absolutely unable to see one or other of the figures.

The reason for highlighting this is that you cannot allow the same to happen when people view your LinkedIn profile. Your profile needs to convey clearly and succinctly what you do, why you are the person to go to and how to contact you. At that point, it will be starting to do its job.

Unfortunately, all too often, a LinkedIn profile resembles a CV which is fine to a point but does not take into account all of the different elements which can be brought to bear to make it more useful to you and more of a tool in your online (and specifically LinkedIn) arsenal.

Remember that we look at LinkedIn as a means to an end in business and your profile is a key element in achieving that. Get your LinkedIn Profile right and you have one of the key building blocks in place – essentially you are well on your way to achieving your goals. Unfortunately, a badly prepared profile will also have the opposite effect and will hamper the aspirations that you have.

LinkedIn Profile Evaluation and Makeover

I offer a service which goes through your LinkedIn profile with you to identify and improve on the areas where it is not fulfilling its potential and supporting you in your goals for your participation on LinkedIn.

Together, we first discuss what your goals are for your activity on LinkedIn and then, in 2 x 1 hour sessions, we go through your profile and look at the different areas where it could be modified to better achieve those goals. This will include an element of keyword research to ensure that you are as well placed as possible in the LinkedIn search results.

The cost for this is £147 which will give you the ability to set up, develop and enhance your profile in ways which will best support what your activity on LinkedIn is looking to achieve.

If you would like to enquire about setting up a session, then simply email me at and I will be in touch with the pre-session questions to ensure that we make best use of the time as well as organise a suitable time for the sessions.

Alternatively, just complete the short form below with a couple of lines about what you’d like your profile to achieve for you and I will get straight back to you.