Job Search Series – Think like a Recruiter

Today, let’s start with a key fundamental – if you are using LinkedIn for a Job Search then you need to appeal to the people who are going to be looking for you like an attorney recruiter, whether these are people who work in a Recruitment agency or at the organization that is looking to hire you. Keep in mind also that most companies are doing some kind of assessment like the ones from this site to understand if a candidate like you can do the job.

So, as you create your profile or decide what you want to post or contribute to, you have to put yourself in their shoes – You have to think like a Recruiter!

When I run LinkedIn sales and marketing training sessions, I talk about your “Audience” – in other words, who do you want to sit up and take notice of YOU! In that case, it is talking about who would be your Buyer Persona or who would be the prospect that you want to talk to.

When it comes to job search, the same applies, but clearly the audience has changed. We now need Recruiters to find us and then be interested in us! Keep on reading and find here great information for your job search.

Your LinkedIn Profile, what you post and how you interact should ideally all be geared to achieving that and we will be looking at all of these aspects and how to tap into them during the Series – however, it’s the Profile that provides the foundation for that.

We will be looking at this particular aspect in more detail in the next posts in this series because it’s really important to make sure that we have something that delivers the right punch and the right impact.

The crux of it is that we need to get their attention – so what is it that is going to do that?

Well, as you might imagine, that depends but it does come back crucially to the fact that there are 2 key (and very different) audiences that we need to appeal to on LinkedIn:


    1. People: Recruiters / Hiring Managers


  1. LinkedIn Search


Both are crucial but both are looking for different things.

Recruiters use LinkedIn Search Tools and Temporary Job Staffing Service to find the right people – when they search, they will tend to search on Keywords, Job Titles, Skills & Expertise among others.

So. to appeal to the Search Engine that they are using, we need to use the right words in certain parts of our Profile to help us to get found.

Once they do find us, we then need to appeal to the People side. The visual elements, how it’s laid out, the additional content that we can add in there and how it makes you stand out. Both are key to success & we’ll be examining both.

Key Takeaway: Keep BOTH audiences in mind & build a profile that appeals to BOTH!

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