How to get your past in order

LinkedIn Questions and AnswersOne of the questions which comes up with a certain regularity in LinkedIn Answers – the user Q&A section on the site – is how to make changes or updates to their past experience or their Education within their Public Profile.

The way to change your Current position is nice and obvious, as the ‘edit’ links sit clearly in the blue area at the top and, let’s be honest, editing your current roles are the most likely thing that you will be doing. Nevertheless, in optimising your profile, your past experience also comes into play both in terms of backing up your current strengths and offerings, but also in terms of the ranking within the LinkedIn search results.

The format changes when you wish to update both your past experience and education. To edit those, you need to go down the page to where that section sits – in the default setup, this will be just below the Specialties section. However, you can of course move the elements on your profile around to bring the ones you want to highlight more to the top of the page.

When you find them, you will also see the ‘edit’ link next to the name. It’s with that link that you will be able to access your past positions or the Education section and make the changes that you wish.

LinkedIn past roles & Education

So, do take the time to do so. While your LinkedIn profile shouldn’t be considered as an online CV, their are a number of advantages to ensuring that it does contain all information relevant to your emphases both in terms of the search system and also for those taking close interest in you and what you offer.

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