G is for Graphics: A to Z of LinkedIn

A picture paints a 1000 words they say & LinkedIn, professional as it may be, is no different.

Look at your newsfeed on LinkedIn’s homepage … which posts catch your eye? Almost certainly ones with some sort of graphic built in.

So although LinkedIn may promote text only posts more, chasing the fabled LinkedIn algorithm needs to be tempered with some good old fashioned marketing common sense too.

But that isn’t the only place to think graphically – other key areas around LinkedIn benefit from graphics to bring your message to life:

✔️ Profile Banner: prime real estate at the top of your Profile page so make the most of it!

✔️ Rich Media in Personal Profile: images, documents, videos are all ways to build visual pull here

✔️ Posts: bring them to life & appeal to a wider audience with relevant graphics

✔️ Articles: the top graphic helps both on the page itself & on your Profile page. Add others through the article itself

✔️ Company / Showcase pages: again the top banner offers lots of potential that it’d be a shame not to benefit from

✔️ Comments: enhance with a graphics or indeed a link if appropriate in comments on posts;

✔️ Messages / Inmails: again possible to get our message across visually as well as with text

✨Top Tip: Make them relevant &; worthwhile!✨

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