Don’t want to promote your past companies?

2 minute tips - LinkedIn Tips and AdviceWith the new personal profiles on LinkedIn, graphics and visibility are becoming more and more the order of the day.

One aspect of this is the company logo which now appears next to the company name of where you have worked within the Experience section, highlighting the company and its branding. All well and good if it’s where you work now, I’m sure you’ll agree. However, what about for the places you used to work?

Again, in lots of cases, not too much of an issue – in fact, showing that you spent ‘x’ number of years at one of the big players in your sector will probably serve you well. But there will be circumstances where the company in question is perhaps a competitor – showing you worked there still shouldn’t be an issue, but marketing them through having the logo appear? Not so high on your wish list.

If you want to avoid that then, because the logo is pulled from the Company Page, all you have to do is break that link. So, on your ‘Edit Profile’ page, scroll down to the ‘Experience’ section and click on the ‘edit’ icon next to the past position in question. Click on ‘Change Company’ at the top and then type in the name of the company again – but don’t click on its name in the list which appears below. Finally click ‘save changes’ at the bottom.

Now, you can show that you worked at the company and display all the experience you gained with it, but without having to market their competing brand in the process.

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