Using LinkedIn for Conversations

“LinkedIn is only about conversations!” announced one of the attendees on my training session yesterday – they’d been on a course and that’s what the trainer had told them. “That’s all there is to it!”

Well, sort of.

The trouble with talking about conversations up front is that it’s jumping the gun a little. It’s like talking about how it feels to win an Olympic medal before you’ve decided which sport to take up.

There are some additional steps to take first.

Such as:

❓ Who do you want to have that conversation with?
❓ How do you find them?
❓ How do you make them aware that you exist?
❓ How do you establish your credibility with them?
❓ How can you make sure your message in relevant?
❓ Is there a point to the conversation?

Conversations are great but don’t forget the other steps to make sure those conversations have the proper impact.

✅ Find the Right People
Learn how to use the filters in LinkedIn’s people search to ensure you are talking to the right people, whether that’s because of their job title, location, company etc.

✅ Attract Prospects and establish credibility
Make sure your Profile presents you in the best way – have a banner that is the perfect shop window for what you offer, a photo that reflects how you wish to be remembered, a headline that is the perfect “5 second elevator pitch” and a Featured area full of items that make them realise they need to talk to you!

✅ Listen to what’s going on
Use the Posts / Content search to see who is talking about what and what your target audience is talking about – be in the know and join the conversations. They’ll appreciate you all the more for it!

✅ Learn to be patient
Don’t jump straight in with a ‘conversation’ that revolves around you – that’s a pitch, not a conversation. Don’t send a sales pitch just after connecting – allow people to dip their toe and get to know you first. It’ll serve you well!

If any of that seems foreign or you’re not sure how to go about it, then drop me a line. Connect with a message or press the ‘Message’ button and, even if we’re not connected, you’ll be able to send over a note.

LinkedIn is a great tool but learn how to run it before you learn to talk!

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