Using LinkedIn for Business – Small Charities Coalition

It was a pleasure to speak to you today and thank you so much for taking the time to attend – I hope you took away some pointers as to how to help use LinkedIn more effectively for yourself and your business activities.

I said that would make the presentation available and in addition I have put an additional document which looks at the Personal Profile that might prove of value.

I also created a post on LinkedIn and am adding any additional answers to questions there – you can find it (and perhaps even comment or like 🙂 ) at:

Resources from the session

i) Firstly, here is a copy of the slides that I used in the session today which I trust will make sense – Slide Pack

ii) A copy of the document which should help you to setup your LinkedIn profile in a way which will help it to deliver against the goals you have for the site – “Setting up and Optimising your LinkedIn Profile

iii) Search video just to recap on creating a search string – video linked here.

iv) Finally I said that I would create a video to show how you can comment as a company / charity – it may seem convoluted on the first view but actually all you really need is that first piece of code and then you are off and running! Anyway, you can view the recording here.

Extra Resources

There are also resources from LinkedIn themselves that might be of use:

Thanks again for attending and I look forward to connecting with you on LinkedIn!

All the best,