Saving Posts and Articles on LinkedIn

Saving Posts & ArticlesDo you ever have the situation where you see a post on your homepage that you want to read later or comment on but after a little thought?

All too often if you refresh the page, that post disappears as LinkedIn tries to provide new content for you, and finding it again is nigh on impossible. All done in good faith but massively annoying.

Well, struggle no more. Finally – and I do mean finally – LinkedIn has introduced the ability to save a post for you to be able to look through it later. We’ve had it for a while on the mobile and for articles but there hasn’t been a site wide option … until now!

Saving posts on LinkedIn

Now if you go to the ‘three dots’ in the top right hand corner of a post you’ll find a couple of new additions at the top of the menu that it creates:

This is a simple method of making sure that you can build up a repository of interesting posts or a Reading list that you can come back to later. It is also wonderfully valuable and something that I’ve been asked for time and time again during training sessions and directly from people on LinkedIn.

From my own perspective, I tend to use the Save posts function as a method to:

  • store posts that have interesting content that I wish to delve more deeply into
  • keep posts that I wish to comment on and participate in the conversation
  • keep ideas for posts of my own going forward either by referencing them or developing a theme
  • highlight information that I wish to share with others directly via direct message or using the mention function
  • save to be able to use in meetings with clients or partners as examples of good practice
  • be able to find things that I want to reference in one of my training sessions

… and I have no doubt that you would come up with a whole host of other reasons that you would be able to use this effectively!

Where do you find the saved items

This in general should be accessed from the left-hand side of your homepage on LinkedIn which will now take you to a page where the posts are arranged in the order that you saved them in as below:

If there is any issue with that, then you can try going direct to that page at:

This should take you to the same page.

Currently, there doesn’t seem to be any easy way to reorder them and there are no filters lurking around either, so it’s just a case of scrolling through them to find the particular one that you are after.

Top Tip: I’d probably use this more a temporary holding location rather than a long term repository – while LinkedIn has been getting better at this recently, we may still wake up one morning and discover it has disappeared, so please look to ultimately use or keep the content elsewhere.

Articles and Posts

There is a differentiation made between articles and posts to show the different levels of information that you may get from them.

It also gives you a slightly different set of options – with posts, you are only able to unsave them and hence remove them from the list. With articles, you can send them on or copy the link for further use so that gives you a little more leeway in terms of the options available to you.

How is it on the mobile?

The mobile was in fact the first place where this functionality was available but, as is so often the case, the placement of the features is just slightly different.

How do you get rid of them

Finished reading the post, then you can of course remove them to make sure that you keep this area free for new items coming along. To remove them, simply go to the article in questions, again look to the ‘three dots’ in the top right hand corner and you have the option to remove it from there.

It’s a really simple system which would have been great to have had a while ago but, now that it is here, is certainly worth taking advantage of.

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