QR Code and Find Nearby – LinkedIn’s equivalent of the Elbow Bump

There are a couple of things which appear only in LinkedIn Mobile App that I tend to think of as LinkedIn’s equivalent of the Elbow Bump … or whatever the replacement is going to be in the short-term for the handshake and business card swapping at events and meetings.

As we start to move back to face to face meetings again, I’m expecting there will be some reticence in getting too close too soon … unless we’re meeting on Bournemouth beach I guess!

Anyway, if you want to maintain a discreet distance and perhaps exchanging business cards isn’t your ideal way of sharing details anymore, then LinkedIn has a solution – or in fact it has a couple of solutions that can work really nicely in different circumstances.

There’s an individual introduction to the two options below but the video below walks you through them as well. Anyone care to ‘Elbow Bump’ at distance? My QR code is in the video if you do!

Use your LinkedIn QR Code

You automatically have a unique QR code as part of your LinkedIn account. It’s nice and easy to find on your mobile – just click on the thumbnail of it in the ‘Search’ area at the top of the screen and then click on “My Code” on the right hand side.

Now if somebody scans your code then they will be taken to your Profile page where they can then connect with you – nice and neat and all done with Social Distancing in mind. Or, just a different way of doing it!

Likewise, if you want to scan somebody else’s then click on the QR thumbnail in the Search area and you’re all ready to scan someone in – try it on mine above if you like!

Use LinkedIn’s ‘Find Nearby’

The second tool is something that LinkedIn calls ‘Find Nearby’ – this is a potentially great way to see who is on LinkedIn in your immediate area and then have the opportunity to connect or start a conversation with them.

What this does is scan the people in the room who are using the Find Nearby function and then display their name on a page with a link to their Profile and the ability to connect (or message) them from there instead. Equally, although designed for larger groups you could also encourage its use in smaller environments where swapping details would be beneficial.

To access this function, go to the ‘My Network’ icon and then click on the ‘Blue circle’ on the right hand side which is to add people – it will then give you the option to Scan QR code (as above) or activate ‘Find Nearby’.

Two great ways to get or stay in touch while respecting the distancing rules that we may have for a while to come.

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