Make the most of your Linkedin Recommendations

LinkedIn Questions and AnswersWhenever I run a LinkedIn Training session, no matter whether it is an Introduction to LinkedIn, or something more advanced for Sales and Marketing teams or Recruiters, we always, always, look at the Recommendations feature in LinkedIn (you might call it “testimonials”) as a great way to demonstrate a big “thumbs up” and indication of trust for you and and what you do.

It is of course also a great differentiator – a key element when we are looking to increase our sales and marketing reach. I can assure you that if you have two suppliers or partners or candidates in front of you with seemingly similar qualifications and experience, then the Recommendations of others will be a key deciding factor!

Anyway, I was recently asked if there was a way to direct people directly to the Recommendations section on someone’s LinkedIn profile. What they wanted to do , was focus people’s attention directly to their recommendations and advocates when they were looking for specific reassurance about what they do.

There is in fact a way to do this in LinkedIn , although it is only possible for LinkedIn members rather than those who have found your LinkedIn Public Profile on Google for example! In that, only the number of recommendations that you have is displayed (still important by the way) rather than each individual recommendation.

To do this is nice and simple – if you wish to send people a link to your profile, then the easiest way to find that is to go to your profile on LinkedIn (Menu => Profile => View Profile). When there, copy the URL of the page, which appears in the box at the top of your browser as shown below:

LinkedIn Profile Mark White

All you then need to do is take that URl and add to it #profile-recommendations without any gaps – so therefore in the example above, this would come out as

This is a great way to direct people straight to the part of our profile that they are interested in so do use it!

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