LinkedIn in figures: Hubspot Infographic

LinkedIn InfographicI do like the recent trend towards creating Infographics which are hugely useful I find in getting your point across of a certain subject in a concise and very visual way. Sadly, I really don’t have the talent to do them justice so instead I wanted to share with you one created at the end of June 2010 by Hubspot.

Lots of interesting pointers in it and created soon after LinkedIn announced that they had passed the 70 million member mark – no mean feat, even given the current increasing focus on the whole area of Social Media and how it can work to increase customer interaction and business success on the back of that.

One key element in the report for me was that according to the figures that were compiled, some 50% of members of the site are decision makers in their companies – in this case, middle management and above. For me, gives even greater credence to its use across all areas of business, including for small businesses (and individuals) looking to either partner, develop contacts or create new business opportunities.

Anyway, the infographic is included below and the original post from Hubspot can be found on their blog here. Enjoy and see you on LinkedIn!!

LinkedIn Infographic from Hubspot

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