Job Search Series – Be in the Background!

A question for you. Next time you visit someone’s Profile, check where your eyes focus first?

Generally, we start looking at things from the top left so it might well be the photo. However, if it has been done well, then you normally find that it’s the background image – the banner that sits right across the top of the Profile.

This is essentially YOUR SHOP WINDOW if you like and what you put in there sets the tone for the rest of your profile as well as gives .

This area is critical to the 1st impression you give to anyone visiting your profile – and you know what they say about 1st impressions!

Needless to say, leaving it as the default blue image is wasting a massive opportunity.

Instead what can you do with it?

Ideally use something that sets you apart from other profiles. We need to stand out – lots of competition vying for attention, so let’s use all the tools available!

What banner is best for you?

Default Banner

The default ‘blue’banner is one that you’ll still find on the vast majority of people’s profiles and, while not offensive, it doesn’t help you to stand out.

Key: The Default image lacks impact – don’t be like 80% of other profiles on LinkedIn. Choose something which better represents you.

Simple Image

In reality most things that you can put there are going to be better than the default image but just having an image without any rationale behind it may pose more questions than it answers, so be careful.

Key: You have something to attract the eye but with this sort of image, there’s no direction given.

Shop Window

Creating a banner which starts to get the messages across that you want people to buy into can be started by having them displayed in the banner image itself.

Key: Build something that you feel better gets your message across and helps you to stand out.

Convey your Skillset

Consider finding a different way to get the message across of what you offer and the skills that people should remember you for.

Key: Perhaps there are other ways to get your message across – a WordCloud might be one of those

If you want to try one of the last two, then a couple of tools that you might like to try are:

  • Use Canva to take an image & add relevant text to it – brilliant to get your message in front of the People who read it. You can find Canva at
  • Create a Word Cloud to highlight words you want to convey about yourself – colourful & informative. One of the WordCloud Generators I use is here

Lots of options – just don’t leave the default!

🔑 Use this key piece of Profile Real Estate to really market YOU!

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