I saw three website – LinkedIn Advent Calendar (Day 5)

Here’s an easy win for you on your Profile.

The Contact Info section has a prime position at the top of the page. It automatically contains a link to your Public Profile – you know the one that can be seen anywhere on the web. (You can personalise the link, BTW!)

And …

Well for many people, there is no ‘and’. That’s the only thing in there, which is a bit of a waste.

What other contact info would be good?

Well, at the very least, give visitors to your Profile a nudge as to where they can find out more.

A link to your website for instance.

Or if you have a YouTube channel, why not let them know about that?

Or do you run an Instagram page with your portfolio?

You get 3 links here – so even if you only have a website, direct them to 3 key pages on it.

✅ Homepage is a good start
✅ Services page perhaps
✅ Testimonials page
✅ Blog or News page

Lots of options.

And don’t forget, you can customise the display text next to the link. 👍

Just choose ‘Other’ from the drop down menu & you get an extra box for the text you want to appear.

Maybe a description of where you’re sending them, maybe a clear call to action. Both are better than just “Company Website”. 😃

So, have a look at your Contact Info. Are you using it properly?

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