Here’s looking at you – LinkedIn Advent Calendar (Day 4)

Keep an eye on who has been looking at your Profile page on LinkedIn.

Do you do that already? Yes? Awesome!

Then what do you do …?

Hopefully you do SOMETHING because this is a great opportunity you’ve been given.

This isn’t a list of (random) names but more of a list of caller IDs – people who have dialled in but, for whatever reason, didn’t get in touch at that time.

They could be in research mode, building a list of potential suppliers or partners. So … get yourself to the top of that list!

What do I do? Some ideas at this full article but as general rule:

📌 For people I know (but haven’t spoken to for a while), I send a simple Hi! & an offer of help or a catch up. It’s always good to talk … and they might even be up for some training 😉

📌 For people I don’t know, but look like a “Person of interest”, I send across a custom invite, again asking if I can help

📌 For people I know (but aren’t connected to), I make a judgement call according to my relationship with them

The key message is to do something!

Something led them to your profile and that something is likely to be work related. So make it an opportunity to engage.

❔ How do YOU do that ❔

Key Takeaway: Keep an eye on who’s looking … and respond!

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Mark White, LinkedIn trainer

Mark White, LinkedIn trainer

My passion is helping companies and individuals to use and APPLY LinkedIn more effectively - that is to use it to develop new business, find a new role, to market yourself, your company and products ... whatever your reason for using LinkedIn is! I run internal workshops for companies looking to bring their key people or teams up to speed and run public courses around the UK.
Mark White, LinkedIn trainer
Mark White, LinkedIn trainer
Mark White, LinkedIn trainer

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Mark White, LinkedIn trainer
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