Followers of the Company Page return!

Company Pages have been being added to with great frequency over the past few months as LinkedIn has been breathing additional life into them – as well as changing their names to just Pages. The menu we see on the main page has had items added to it with an almost frightening frequency, and there is still more to come with the ‘Products’ page that currently appears on LinkedIn’s own Company Page being an indicator of the return of an old favourite.

However, one past favourite that remained absent was the ability to see who it was who was following our Company Pages and this was something that rankled badly with admins who were spending time and effort building the audiences on their pages and yet being handicapped by not actually knowing who it was who was doing the following!

This finally has been rectified with the return this week of the full details regarding Company Page followers.

Follower Analytics Available

During its absence – it disappeared around February 2019 – LinkedIn has been gradually beefing up the admin area of the Company Pages and the analytics area in particular. It was, however, in the most part at a macro level with the ability to see numbers by a variety of general categorisations such as job function, location, industry and company size, though it’s not possible to filter by those.

Added to this, however, we have now have once again the ability to see individually who it is is following our Page with the individuals once again visible – there’s no way to filter them currently using this tool, although there is a backdoor if you are using Sales Navigator – drop me a line if you’d like to know more.

How to Use it?

One key aspect here is that people have actively followed your Company Page – all your efforts in posting or promoting or even just connecting with people have resulted in an active recognition of your company. Sure there will be some competitors and other industry players in there as well, but a large majority will be interested parties.

“Feeding the beast” through continued publishing will continue the visibility process, but there are other things that we can do:

  • Get closer

    Relationship building is always going to be better done by individuals than by a company. Therefore, making sure that at least one of your team is connected to everyone in that list is going to serve you well.

    Page followers are, according to LinkedIn, 7x more likely to accept an approach from one of your team than someone who isn’t following you, so let’s make use of that and develop a more proactive two-way communication;

  • Connect yourself

    If it is your Page, or it’s a small organisation, then enhance that by inviting Followers to connect yourself. Posts are more likely to be seen when sent by an individual than from a Company Page, so make sure that you are in control of both channels by connecting and then continuing your communication process. The likelihood is that they won’t see both – that’s the way of the world (or the algorithm) so give yourself the best opportunity to reach them successfully;

  • Contact connections

    If you are already connected to them, then use that personal connection to try to find out more about what they would like to see on your Company Page or what made them follow in the first place. Take the opportunity in any case to deepen the relationship because these people are already onside so make the most of that

So there are lots of benefits to be had with regards to the renewed visibility of who is following our Pages and, as I mentioned at the start, I’m expecting to see a continued increase in the options we have available to us as Page owners so stay tuned!

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