Controlling LinkedIn Publisher notifications

LinkedIn Tips and AdviceYou may have noticed over the past few weeks that you have had more and more notifications concerning the new LinkedIn Publishing option. These pop up under the flag symbol that sits next to your inbox in the top right hand corner of the screen.

Notifications were always designed to let you know when there things happening that you might be interested in – this historically has been things such as people viewing your profile, commenting on a Group discussion that you are following, leaving a comment on one of your updates etc.

Now, with the current state of affairs, you are also informed when a connection of yours issues a post via the LinkedIn Publishing system, essentially because, as a connection, you might be interested.

Currently, you don’t have the ability to unfollow people which is an issue, or indeed ask LinkedIn to stop issuing the notifications across the board – I guess that comes down to the intertwined nature of “connecting” and “following” people on LinkedIn, something that wasn’t really an issue until the Publishing system came into effect.

However, you can at least now unsubscribe from them individually, so that if one person is perhaps a little “over zealous” and posting to frequently, then you would be able to stop receiving their notifications.

You can do this by going to your Notifications area (top right hand corner of the screen) and then hovering over an update from the person posting – a cross will then appear next to their name and clicking on it will stop you being informed about their new posts.

LInkedIn Publisher notifications

At the moment, with only a small percentage of the overall population of LinkedIn as yet having the Publisher capability, this is relatively easy to keep under control. I do wonder, however, what will happen as it becomes more widely available and the floodgates open!

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