Connect blogs to your LinkedIn profile

Blogs and LinkedIn StrategyI don’t know about you, but I like to get as much benefit as possible from the work that I put into something.

My blogs are a great example of that. I’ve been running a blog for over 5 years now and also have set blogs up for, I guess, over 100 companies and individuals. Done right, they’re a fabulous business tool – a combination of push marketing, with relationship building and search engine marketing all in one nice little bundle. A key component in the social media as well as the internet marketing mix.

One place where all the information from your blog is going to be particularly valuable is over on your LinkedIn profile. It’s the perfect place to display things you’ve written that demonstrate your experience and expertise or show off the services / products you provide. A perfect supplement to all the other details you provide.

Linking up your blog means that the title and summary appear there automatically every time you post without you lifting a finger. So donning my fairy Godmother outfit for a second – not a pretty sight at the best of times – here’s how you do it.

In the main menu on LinkedIn, hover over “More” and then click on “Get More Applications” which is at the bottom of the list. You should now find yourself on the Applications page – there are two which will link and display your blog on your profile, WordPress and Blog Link. While I am a big WordPress fan, here I think that the Blog Link one is better suited to most people, but try them out, you can always remove them. Anyway, click on the icon, follow the short instructions on the page and, as they say, voilĂ !

Now, anytime you add a new blog post to your blog, it will automatically appear on your LinkedIn profile as well! Hurrah!

Takeaway point: Make best use of the content of your blog and all the time and effort you put in. Use the applications to display a summary automatically on your LinkedIn Profile.

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