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Deleting a Connection on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Questions and AnswersAnother of the most frequently asked questions within the LinkedIn Answers section is how to delete or remove a connection or, I guess more accurately, how to disconnect from someone on LinkedIn that you are currently connected to.

[Updated May 2013 to include the method to do this with the new formats on LinkedIn as well.]

Do check alternatives

Just as an initial comment, no doubt you have a good reason for this but do bear in mind that once you have removed a connection, you will not be able to simply reconnect with them – instead it’s something that currently will need to be done through the LinkedIn Customer Services.

There may, also be other ways to achieve what you want without removing them – for example, if (more…)

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Changing email accounts on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Questions and AnswersThere have been a lot of questions recently regarding the functional elements of adding new emails into your account and also how to set up or change the principal address where LinkedIn will send all of the correspondence and updates.

All of this information is controlled from your “Settings” which you can access by hovering over your name in the top right hand corner of the screen when you’re logged into LinkedIn.  You then need to head to ‘Account’ tab in the bottom left hand corner and then to its right you’ll see a section labeled “Add or change email addresses”. [Old version settings page: the “Personal Information” section is in the right hand column and then in particular the “Email Addresses” section.]

There, you should see a list of one or more email addresses similar to (more…)

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You have two or more LinkedIn profiles?

LinkedIn Questions and AnswersIt can happen that you find yourself with multiple profiles on LinkedIn, and usually this is simply a case of having set up a profile in the past, forgotten about it and then recreated a new one as you start to use LinkedIn more actively again.

Whatever the reason, to get the best out of LinkedIn, you will need to ensure that you focus all of your attention onto a single account. Unfortunately, you cannot merge multiple profiles so what you’ll need to do is (more…)

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